Check It Out!

Well, my alter ego, bardd, has now posted the Gundam Wing stories written for the Slash Advent Calendar on LiveJournal and Fanfiction.Net – and this is me encouraging you to comment! They’re the first stories ever completed in GW, and Bardd wants opinions… (*g*)

Check It Out!

My alter-ego, bardd, has just had a Gundam Wing shounen-ai story – “Christmas Gifts”, a Heero/Duo story – posted on the Slash Advent Calendar. Check it out, and let bardd know what you think! (Please? It’s bardd‘s second story, and first GW one…)

Just be aware that you need a password to access the actual story.

GW: Canon & Fanon

Came up with this idea on the way home from work – and me being me (i.e. occasionally somewhat obsessive/compulsive), I had to get started on it immediately.

It was prompted by a story I started reading on FFNet (not mentioning which one – but not belonging to anyone listed as ‘Friends’), which had the usual fanon element of all five pilots being together in a safehouse during the first Eve War. I’ve seen a lot of these, and I’ve generally managed to ignore the fact that having that happen is completely incompatible with canon (assuming it’s either a very good story, or described as being definitely AU). This time, however – perhaps because I was so tired – I couldn’t seem to ignore it, and it bugged me all the way home. Then the idea hit, and voilà!

Got a fairly good start on it, I think, with the three major timeline/war elements fanon vs. canon stuff almost completed, and a few things about the characters… I’m even adding a section on differences between the series anime and the series manga! (See first paragraph for my nature when I get my teeth into something like this.)

However, I am now really, really tired, and as I still have the plans mentioned in the previous post to worry about, I’m going to bed.

I’ll post the URL of the GW: Fanon vs. Canon page as soon as I get it completed.

Later, all!