Ramblings From At Home & Tired… (AKA Mishmash of Stuff)

Came across a rather neat website a few days ago – excellent resource for writers who are doing stories involving travel/international plotlines:
World Clock: Time Zones
Check it out!


In terms of what I referenced in my previous post…

On Monday night (after I slept all day, of course – having been up for over 24 hrs. by the time I got home from work in the morning), I found out that my great-uncle Fabian had passed away on Sunday.

I didn’t know Uncle Fabian terribly well – at least not as an adult; I’ve only been out to Newfoundland once in the past ten years – but I do remember him as a wonderful man, who used to take us out in his motorboat up at his cabin, and let us pilot it around the lake… and lent my immediate family the aforementioned cabin at least once or twice when we spent Christmas out east. We generally saw him at least once or twice on visits out there when I was younger, and he was always kind to us. I shall definitely miss him.

One thing I never failed to mention when I told anyone about Uncle Fabian – having been quite proud that he was a member of my family – was that he served a term as lieutenant-governor of Newfoundland (from 1963-1969). It always impressed me greatly that kind, quiet Uncle Fabian spent time as a reasonably important member of the Newfoundland provincial government.


At last, no kids at work for two weeks! Peace and quiet! I may even manage to get some writing done! (*peers guiltily at the current texts of Eye of the Storm and Harry Potter and the Sensitive’s Gift…*)

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  1. Hi, I just friended you, having found the link to your lj whilst browsing in the EFC section of ff.net. I was DayBlaze on the Philosophy Sphere. Um. Will defriend upon request. That is all.


    Can you tell I’m happy to hear from you?

    No de-friending! No de-friending! Stay friends! (*G*)

    (It’s been yet another busy week, and I’m just over halfway through my shift on the coldest night so far this year in T.O – windchill of -31C, or worse…)

    Friending you in just a moment…

  3. Thanks. It’s strange (though maybe it was partially because of the busy week), but it took until that post to really hit me. *sigh*

    I am going to miss him…

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