Pressie For Ravenstormfire….

A belated happy birthday to ravenstormfire – and here’s a little present for you! Enjoy!

(And yes, I’m still working on those meme-vignettes.)

Previous Parts

Eye of the Storm – eZBoard Pt. 12, FFNet Pt. 6.1

Who Would Have Guessed…

Being on a creative high (like I have been all night at work – and, in fact, all evening before work as well) really brightens my mood immensely. (Check out my current mood to see what I mean!) *G*

Oh, I’m having a great time! For the first time since July, Liam is actually cooperating with me, so – while I won’t get Eye of the Storm finished by the end of November (as I’d originally really, really hoped I would), I may just get it done by the end of December… which still leaves me 4-1/2 months to get the novel sequel written in order to have Dreams, Memories & Truths Vol. II ready for MediaWest*Con 2005. Hey, I can do it – I managed to finish In Search of the Truth (novel prequel to Eye of the Storm) in 4 months, after all…

Yeah, I think my current mood is pretty obvious, don’t you? *G*

The Musae Are Back!

And Liam and Sandoval are yelling, thank goodness…

I can’t seem to stop smiling, even though I’m rewriting almost all of Pt. 13 of Eye of the Storm – but hey, it’s likely to lead to me actually getting Pt. 14 started, so that’s all to the good, right?

Off to do a bit of re-reading (to remind myself of some details) before going on to get work done…

*Up pops a sign, held by a chibi-Liam: Don’t Disturb The Writer*

*Abruptly another sign is thrust in front of the first, held by tag herself: Responses to this Post Won’t Disturb the Writer*