From MW*C26….

Well, we made it!

Got in at just after 3:30pm yesterday afternoon (our best time yet!), got up to our room, got settled, relaxed, sold some zines, updated the Blackfly Presses website with the zines that are debuting here at MediaWest*Con.

Other than that, our dealer’s table is all set up, and Blackfly Presses is ready and raring to go!

😉 tag0

Zine Updates…

Well, I’ve finally managed to get the website for Blackfly Presses, the fanfic zine publisher of which I am a part, mostly updated (all prices are right, and that sort of thing). Was thinking that it would take me until tomorrow to get around to it (I’m rather tired at this point), but I ended up pushing all the way through it this morning. *whew!* *wipes forehead*

Now I just need to go through the latest zine status reports to get that info, but it can wait until tomorrow… or maybe the weekend, depending on how much other stuff ends up on my plate. Kenshin and Saitô are really starting to agitate to get to work on the writing again – they want the second chapter of the other RK story (the one that isn’t RuroBatt) moving forward… not to mention Chp. 2 of RuroBatt itself finished… (They’re just a little more insistent about the other one right now.)

Later, all!

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What Time Is It?

Time for another of tag’s weather rants!

Well, I assume most people have heard the saying that’s supposed to apply to March: “In like a lamb, out like a lion”? Unfortunately, I suspect that Canada’s (and Toronto’s in particular) weather systems have never heard it, because there are very few years I can remember that actually happening. And this definitely isn’t going to be one of them, considering that we’re currently experiencing a snowstorm…

*sigh* Oh, well… I can’t exactly do anything to change the weather (unfortunately), and I can’t go back to Costa Rica yet, so I’m just going to have to put up with it.

Now that that’s over with… In terms of fic, I haven’t been doing that much lately, I’m afraid (got the first 19 YYH DVDs two days after I got home from Costa Rica, and have been preoccupied with watching them), but I’m hoping to get back to work on them this week. Especially as I really need to get through Eye of the Storm and on to the sequel… (I’m going to be so ashamed at MediaWest this year, but there’s no way at this point that I’m going to be able to finish EotS and the sequel in time to get Dreams, Memories & Truths Vol. II published for May…)

Cute meme…