Earth: Final Conflict

  • Eye of the Storm Pt. 6.1 – The continuation of Story #5 of Dreams, Memories & Truths, Liam and Sandoval use their vacation to get to know each other.

Harry Potter

  • Missives – Spoilers for HBP! Minerva McGonagall receives a surprising letter. COMPLETE
  • Discipline Issues – What if Dumbledore had understood the effects of peer pressure back when Sirius had goaded Severus into facing Remus on the full moon? What would have happened? COMPLETE

Rurouni Kenshin


  • Questions Why: Pt 2 – Sanzo had worked hard to make sure no one liked him. Hakkai saw past the mask. Hakkai / Sanzo pre-slash. COMPLETE
  • Mine: Pt 2, Pt 3 – Hakkai finds himself intensely jealous of the attention a monk visiting Chang’an is paying Sanzo. Sanzo just wants to shoot everyone and have them leave him alone. Hakkai / Sanzo pre-slash / shounen-ai. COMPLETE
  • Entangled: Reload: Sequel to Vathara’s “Entanglements“; please read that first. Hazel overhears the Sanzo-ikkou discussing his presence, and the fight with Ukoku. What are akuma, anyway? And… who is Gonou? And Kenren? Also, Hakkai and Sanzo discuss Heaven, and Heaven’s Plans. COMPLETE


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