NaNoWriMo 2013: Week 3 Success!

And Week 3 of NaNoWriMo has provided my turnaround! While the weekend turned out to not be that good for writing, Monday I got about 6.1K words written, Tuesday (partly at the Second Cup on Stavenger Dr.) I got 6.2K written, and Wednesday I got over 4.4K written.Β  Yesterday I got very little written (480 words), but I was distracted with some other stuff, and also somewhat tired. Today, so far, I have written 3.6K, and my current total word count is 36,828 words. Today’s NaNoWriMo word count total goal is 36,667 words. In other words, I’m ba-ack! πŸ˜‰

2.9K of the words today were written at the Starbucks at Chapters on Kenmount (just past the Avalon Mall). While I don’t have a whole lot of fondness for Starbucks (versus Second Cup, Timothy’s World News Cafe – which seems to be unique to Toronto, or at least Ontario, of the places I’ve visited – and certain Tim Horton’s – there are some not-so-good ones here in St. John’s, including the one at Ropewalk Lane, which has no outlets, which prevented me from really joining in the mid-month NL get-together last Wednesday, since my computer needs to be plugged in!), that particular Starbucks is familiar, since it’s where the Scrabble group gathers on Wednesday mornings, and it’s a fairly good place for getting writing done.

Anyway, my next NaNo goal (aside from maintaining and/or surpassing my current average daily word count, of course) is to try, over the next 9-1/12 days, to reach close to 100K words (aka approx. 50K on each novel I’m working on). Doubt I’ll get there, but it’s always worth a try! πŸ™‚

And the other NaNo goal I’m working towards is to get a verified win on the first day available for checking, Monday – aka have 50K words written by Monday at midnight. Let’s hear it for crazy writing goals! πŸ˜‰

Either way, it looks pretty definite at this point that I will win this year, and I’m feeling rather good about that. It’s been a long two years with no wins, and I want to have my bar in purple again this year! πŸ˜‰

‘Later, all!

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[Edit 23:58 hrs.]Okay, total today was 5.2K words, and total word count was 38,429 words! Yay![/Edit]

NaNoWriMo 2013: Halfway Mark

So, we’re at the halfway mark of NaNoWriMo, and I… haven’t been doing as well as I hoped this year. (Still by far better than last year, of course, but not as well as I hoped.) The goal was to be at 25K words by midnight today (well, my goal was to be at 50K, but… meh), and I’m at… just over 14.6 as of 23:00 hrs.

This is, however, more than 1/4 of the ultimate word count goal, so I’m still counting it as a bit of a win that I can work with.

The problem is, I apparently hit the Week Two Doldrums a bit early. I think I’m getting out of them, but issues I’ve been having with the weather, lack of exercise (which ended Wednesday), and other stuff – including my re-discovery of Heather Dale, a wonderful Toronto musician who does Celtic ballad-style and SCA music – and a few other distractions, kind of dragged me down for a while there. (But, hey, on the plus side? I’ve now got some wonderful new music to add to my “Songs to Write By” playlists… and more stuff for my Christmas wish list! I may have downloaded HDale’s songs off YouTube, but I want to buy them legitimately. And check out Heather’s website – there’s even a free album download available! – and you can buy physical CDs or MP3s from there.)

So, back to my writing. Will be doing some word sprints this weekend and into next week, I suspect. But all is good.

‘Later, all!

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NaNoWriMo 2013: Ready, Set, Start!

Well, it’s now the first of November. Meaning we are into NaNoWriMo! Yay!

Turns out, I’m not just doing The Trickster’s Trade (though don’t worry, Dad, Mayumi and Darrel are still the priority); I’m also doing a second novel that I’ve been meaning to get more written of for several years now, currently called The Pack. So my personal goal for this November will be to get 100K words – 50K for each of them. (Winning NaNo will be good. Getting to my personal goal – which I’ve accomplished 2 out of the 3 years I’ve won, in terms of word count, will be even better. Actually finishing both books will be a delight! ;))

As mentioned above, TTT has priority, meaning I’ll work on that first each day. (Today, I’ve written 1,904 words on it so far – more than the daily goal – yay me!) Once I’ve got at least the daily goal met, I’ll also work on The Pack, which has been stalled on v7.0, beginning of Chp. 3, for several years now (even longer than TTT, which I got some writing done on a couple of years ago). Both are stories that I really want to tell, and really want to get finished, so NaNo is, of course, the perfect time to work on them.

(No fanfiction words will be counted for NaNo, even if I also write some fanfic – Sanzo presented me with the summary and an image from “Summer’s Pleasure”, the second in my Saiyuki Seasons series [Pt. 1, “Winter’s Treasure”, has 4-1/2 of 7 parts written thus far] last night just before I fell asleep. How do you throttle a character in your head?)

Anyway, that’s the report from the start of NaNoWriMo 2013. Enjoy, all!

[Edit: 23:56 hrs.] Got 364 words written on TP, so that’s a total of 2268 for me today. Yay me! 1.36 times the daily goal! [/End Edit]


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NaNoWriMo 2013 Doth Approach!

It’s October 31st. Hallowe’en. But more importantly… it’s the day before NaNoWriMo 2013 starts! Yay!

I’ve had… not the best luck with NaNoWriMo the past two years; I kept getting sick partway through Week 1, and never caught up afterwards. I am determined that this is not going to happen to me this year. Bound and determined.

The plan has been to work on The Trickster’s Trade, Book 2 of my series The Fox’s Journey. Going to have to re-read what I’ve written already (which is not getting put towards the word count!) this evening. This year I also plan to update more often; at least once a week. That should also help keep me on track (the years I’ve been more inclined to update have also been the years I’ve won).

So, Happy Hallowe’en to everyone, and even more importantly, Happy November and NaNoWriMo!

‘Later, all!

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The Fox’s Journey & NaNo 2013

So, way back in 2009, I wrote a fantasy novel for NaNoWriMo. In fact, I wrote one and a bit – A Fox’s Fight (Book 1 of The Fox’s Journey), and the beginning of The Trickster’s Trade (Book 2 of The Fox’s Journey). It was fun; it involved a kitsune – Miyanobo Mayumi, or as we would say in the west, Mayumi Miyanobo – and a Detective Sergeant of the Metro Toronto Police Services Drug Squad – Darrel Greene – having to deal with a vicious new addictive drug that had been hitting Toronto’s streets… while Darrel didn’t believe in spirits, which was a problem, because the spirits were heavily involved.

It was a fun story to write, not the least because I got to play around with Toronto, but also because I got to explore some alienation issues (Mayumi has problems with her family / clan back in Japan, and problems with certain relatives in Toronto as well), and have fun playing around with making one protagonist a predator. *grins*

More on my writing, and what this has to do with the present….

General Update; and AO3

Been a while, huh? Well, couple of things to update.

First of all, unfortunately, didn’t complete Camp NNWM in July, either; ended up getting sick (again) and couldn’t focus. The fact that it was hot out (see my rant about heat and thermoregulation on my Other Blog) didn’t help in the least. I did get a bit more written, but not much. Oh well, it’s still an improvement over what I had at the beginning of the month.

Have spent the last two months mostly suffering from the heat, unfortunately, but things are getting a bit better (it’s been cooling down a bit). I’m kind of hoping it will stay at the mild temperatures for the next couple of months; that would be good!

Have started getting a bit of exercise; using Mom’s treadmill for 20 minutes three times a week (I’m up to covering a mile). That should help somewhat with the depression.

And I now have my fanfics available on Archive of Our Own (as well as! So if anyone doesn’t care to use FFNet, then I now have them available for you to look at on AO3! The link (aside from being in the first sentence of this paragraph) is also on my link page.

‘Later, all!

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First Day: Camp NaNoWriMo July ’13 #3; and Cats

Well, the first day of Camp NaNoWriMo July 2013 is over, and I’ve managed to get 1,508 words written. I even increased my word count goal for Here and There to 45,000 from 35,000; and the goal for each day is to get 1,452 words written. So I reached today’s daily goal! Yay Me! Got started (and fairly well) on “First Day”; I’m about halfway through Ryuu’s part of that story.

Click for Pantser Badge – I fly by the seat of my pants when writing, for the most part – and details on my brother’s cats

Here and There Stories: Camp NaNoWriMo July ’13 #2

Was thinking this morning while supervising the New Beginnings students working on their resumes, and came up with some of the stories I’d like to include in Here and There. So, here you go – let me know what you think of the ideas!

Click for story details!

NaNoLandia: Camp NaNoWriMo July ’13 #1

So, July is approaching already. It’s been a long and somewhat stressful month (explaining partly why there’s so few posts in either of my two blogs), and somewhat gloomy part of the time here in St. John’s. But July is the month of Camp NaNoWriMo (the second this year), and I’m rather looking forward to it.

Details on what I’m doing:

NaNoWriMo 2008: The Continuing Story

Remember, way back in November of 2008, I started NaNoWriMo for the first time, and finished an SF novel, Search and Rescue? And I think I said something somewhere about having to re-write it, because some of what happened was seriously impractical, and I had them going from tension-up-point to eating, to tension-up-point, to eating, etc.? (Or maybe I just said that to Vathara.)

Anyway… it took me three years (until last spring / summer; mid-May, I think) to finish the re-write of Chapter 5 (there are 14 chapters). Chapters 1-4 didn’t need much adjustment, and were already partly adjusted before NaNo ’08 ended.

So, between last mid-May and now, I’ve gotten to the beginning of Chapter 8 (which has a major event… well, the major event is at the end of Chapter 7, but 8 is where the two protagonists finally really start becoming friends). I haven’t done any writing on this since… December, I think? (Last fall and this past winter were seriously stressful.) Maybe September.

But, there was the first meeting of the Newfoundland Writers’ Group MeetUp today, and I got pumped by it. So I spent the rest of the afternoon (after everyone else left) and after dinner working in minor edits for Chps. 1-7, and I’m now working on getting farther in Chapter 8! Yay me! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I am writing my original fic as well as fanfic again. (Which reminds me… does anyone want to see some stuff from my other unfinished fic, or would you rather wait until it’s finished?)

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Welcome: New Blog Site

First of all, welcome, everyone, to the new site for tag’s Haven. I’d like to thank you all for following me here. Please, feel free to subscribe to my posts – the link is in the sidebar, just under my recent posts.

For those who are new and have followed a link here, Be Welcome! This is the blog where I talk about my life in general, moan and vent about the weather, and pre-publish my fanfic to get comments on it in order to improve it further before it goes to FFNet and tag’s Library for the wide world to see. πŸ˜‰ (If you want to see the fanfic I’ve put up, links to all of it are available through the Fanfic page, as well as a bit of a summary.)

Over the next little while I’m going to be wandering around the ‘Net, changing the URLs of my blog everywhere I’ve put it up. But there is news, for anyone interested… see below. (Also, question re fic. Sorry, RK fans, not quite ready for updates yet, but have been reviewing and doing a bit more writing….)

Continue for more about me, my family, and fic….

#scriptfrenzy Chat

I know, I know, I haven’t been posting much about ScriptFrenzy. *sighs, shrugs* It’s been a very busy month for me so far.

So, basic update – I’ve got 74 pages, split between two graphic novel scripts: The Rowan Leaf (working title) and White Horses. I’ve told you about The Rowan Leaf – the basics at least – and the logline of White Horses is: Kathleen is an ordinary girl. So why is she seeing mythological creatures that tell her to “Be ready”?

But anyway, the point of this post is to tell you a bit about the ScriptFrenzy Twitter chat that went on today. I was reluctant to get into Twitter back last fall, when I finally did, but things like the chat that happened tonight might just change my mind. It was really fun – fast and frenzied (not a surprise, that last! ;)) – but definitely fun. All kinds of opinions and discussions going on. If you want to read it, check the “#scriptfrenzy” hashtag from midnight GMT (daylight savings time) to 1am GMT on Thurs. April 19 – go back or forward however many hours are appropriate. Currently trying to get past 1 hour ago on the Twitter website so I can save myself a copy of the chat to refer to when I need suggestions/prods. (The 74 pages were all written by the 10th; the 11th and 12th were really busy, and then I had a migraine-intensity headache from the 13th to yesterday.)

Anyway, going to bed within the next half hour, because I’ve got to be up around 7:30 to get going to the New Beginnings by 8:40 (the bus comes at about 8:55, but better to get to the bus stop early than late!). Will fill anyone interested in the details of what’s going on there later (possibly tomorrow).

‘Later, all!
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Script Frenzy and Graphic Novels

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this! *shakes head* Going to try not to let it go this far again. *sighs*

Anyway, as you can probably tell from the userpic and the title of this post, I’ve gone and joined Script Frenzy – for the first time, I might add. I discovered that you don’t necessarily have to write a play/movie/television show for it; you can also write (a) graphic novel(s)! So, guess what I’m doing? *grins*

My working title for my graphic novel (of which I am 9-1/2 pages in, out of 100 necessary to win) is: The Rowan Leaf. My logline (which is the one paragraph or less summary) is as follows: Rowan is a medieval squire given immortality by the Fae. Now, in modern times, he must save them from an abductor who plans to drain their magic.

Here are the links!

My Script Frenzy page

My page count widget:

And, if you happen to feel like making a sponsorship donation for me to Script Frenzy, check out my Script Frenzy Fundraising page.

Got to go for dinner now!

Later, all!

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Halfway Mark…. #NaNoBlog

I know I promised regular blogging posts throughout NaNoWriMo 2011. Unfortunately, I’ve been having trouble with this NaNo year. Between my work hours (not good – 5pm to 1:30am), the weather, and a few other things starting to creep up on me, I’ve not had a great month so far. In fact, it got to the point where this morning (well, yesterday morning really, it’s currently just after 2am here) I was worried that this would be the first NaNoWriMo I wouldn’t win. Not a happy thought (the fact that I can win NaNoWriMo keeps me going during the blahs of November, which I need, desperately…).

I was at the point where I challenged myself on Friday to make 25K by today (Sunday) at midnight. (We’re supposed to have reached 33,334 words if we’re on schedule with the daily word count goal.)

So, I was in that sort of state until about 2:40pm this (Sunday) afternoon. Then it occurred to me that at least part of the problem I was having was with the setting of my story. It wasn’t working, and it was leaving my story rather bland and boring, even considering the confrontation with the redcap that Alan had. (And killing off Alan’s partner and potential girlfriend via said redcap.) I kind of shrugged, and went, “Okay, I’m going to change the setting. What I’ve written so far will still count for my word count, but I’ve got to change it.”

Less than 1-2/3 hours and about 3,750 words later, I was pretty sure that was a good part of the problem. *grins wryly at everyone* As I mentioned on Twitter, with this change, I seem to be back to my fairly steady 500 words/20 minutes flow (when I can write for more than 15 minutes at a time). Between what I got done before work (*points at aforementioned word count, plus 370 that I got in this morning*) and what I got done during my breaks and “lunch” at work, guess what goal I made?

Yeah, you got it. I hit 25,001 words total just at the end of my last break, at about 11:30 tonight (Sunday). Such a relief.

My next goal is to get to about 33,000 by Tuesday night (which will be my first night meeting the St. John’s NaNos, because of my work schedule). I’m rather looking forward to it. And if I keep at the rate I’m going, I may even reach the daily word count goal by Wednesday or Thursday! *crosses fingers* I’m getting there, finally. No more days of no writing! Down with bland scenes! Lead on to excitement!

(No, there will be no zombie ninja pirates. Sorry, fellow NaNos. But there are vampires and werewolves… sort of….)

Anyway, off to get some sleep, and then: More Writing!

‘Later, all!

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NaNoWriMo 2011: Wild Hunt

And just because I have this insane need to share my stories with the world, here are the current synopsis and excerpt of my NaNo 2011 novel, Wild Hunt. (Making it fairly obvious what my question about “Seleighe” vs. “Seelie” was about…. πŸ˜‰


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November 1st Is Now Over #NaNoBlog

And now the first day of November, of NaNoWriMo 2011, is over. *heaves happy sigh*

Okay, I didn’t quite make it to 2K words… but I did make it to over 1.7K, which is better than the word target for the day. And tomorrow’s another day. And I’ve started to really get into my characters’ heads – that was, I must admit, something I was a bit worried about. The prologue was easy. Getting into their heads, on the other hand, has been harder.

But, as I said, I’ve made it past the target for the first day, which is a good start to things. If stuff goes as well as it has in the past, I should be at over 4K words by the end of today. *looks forward to it*

And I dragged my supervisor into NaNo as well – I’m really hoping she’s going to enjoy it. I’m certainly looking forward to chatting to her (when we get a chance at work) about what our characters are doing, and bemoaning the fraught sailing through the seas of our imaginations….

Yes, I like the Viking analogy NaNo creator Chris Baty came up with. It’s fun to play with. πŸ˜‰ Not to mention that the alfar might just show up in Wild Hunt as well… I’ve got the Celtic fae, why not the Nordic?

One question I might be interested in delving into: is it spelled “Seleighe” or “Seelie”? I’ve always thought “Seelie” was the anglicization from the Scots or Irish Gaelic. Thoughts, anyone?

Talk to you soon!
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November Begins! #NaNoBlog

And so, the start of another wild and wacky November. (The Wild Hunt Rides!) Yay!

I already have the first 213 words – the prologue – of my story written. Wrote it as soon as I came home from work and petted Imber. (She feels that I need to have my priorities straight, and given she can walk all over my writing, I tend to listen. She lets me have plenty of writing time in exchange.)

So, as usual, I intend to continue blogging throughout the month, letting you know the milestones I hit and my weekly achievements. (My “until last week” regular Friday updates might end up even further on the backburner this month, I’m afraid. A consequence of the grand adventure that is NaNoWriMo: Eater of Souls.)

So, prepare for the extremes of adventure by getting out that Viking helmet, pulling on your novelling gear, and getting all those colourful gel pens lined up just right! The journey awaits!

tag’s NaNoWriMo Page

Forward, March!

See you in the wilds of the imagination!

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NaNoWriMo 2011, Here I Come!

Well, I’ve been struggling over this for a week now, trying to prepare for getting everything on the NaNo site set up as soon after October 1st as I can access it, and I’ve finally got it. I know what novel I’m going to be writing this year.

It’s a fantasy novel, tentatively titled “Wild Hunt”. Fae, vampires, Hunters, and all that good stuff. But not stupid Hunters – for instance, my male protagonist, who is a Hunter, routinely wears combat pants or not-too-loose cargo pants (for all the pockets) and t-shirts for hunting. None of that silly leather stuff! πŸ˜‰

Now I’ve just got to work out the details of what the main storyline is. *grins wryly* And the backstory of my two protagonists. Fun times – I like figuring these things out!

‘Later, all!
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Weekly Update – Friday Sept. 09/11

And… it’s Friday again!

Well, it’s been a long week, despite the fact that Labour Day was on Monday (thus no work). I must admit that I’m rather glad it’s Friday, and not just because I got paid this morning (;)). During this week, I have discovered that I am (again) low-iron anemic (which may explain part of why I’ve ended up so tired the last week and a half or so), and Imber has gotten braver at following me out of my room.

Work has gone well. I’m finding that despite my tiredness, I’m enjoying the training – in large part because our trainer, Heather, is very enthusiastic and tries to make things interesting for us. (Glitter. Glitter everywhere. *snrks*) We’ve been learning this week about phone manufacturers (if you want a durable cellular phone, Samsung, Apple, or Nokia are your best bets), and about phones themselves. We’ve started learning about other products as well, and some of the service plans Rogers offers.

Hm. Other than that… my niece was here until Tuesday afternoon. We had a reasonably good weekend, though the weather has gotten a bit more towards “St. John’s normal” (i.e. colder and greyer) this week – though today ended up warm (to me) and sunny…. Note that the temperatures in St. John’sΒ do feel a bit cooler than the same temperatures in Toronto, probably because of the difference in humidity and how it reacts. Not that I mind! (No, the only thing I mind is the fact that the training room’s air conditionerΒ has to be broken – Heather insists it’s 21Β°C and we’re all freezing, or nearly so!)

I’ve lost some weight since I got here, which is good. The everyday walking I’m doing is helping with that, definitely.

What else? Nothing much, really. I’ve been busy with work and with dealing with my exhaustion, and cooking the occasional dinner. I’m really hoping that I’ll get some writing done this coming week, because I haven’t written aΒ word inΒ weeks, and it’s beginning to really get to me.

The good news is that my sister-in-law has been dragged into NaNoWriMo, and we’re going to meet up Sunday so she can pick my brain about it. Ought to be fun – window-shopping followed by coffee/tea!

Oh… and I’ve gotten into Twitter. Not going to use it much, but if any friends of mine out there are also on and want to follow me… there’s a link over to the side!

Hope you’ve all had a good week as well!

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Update #8

Well, this is the final NaNo update for 2010, although I may add an entry after the TGIO (“Thank God It’s Over”) party tomorrow night.

Didn’t get anything written yesterday due to a sinus migraine. I hate the fact that I’ve inherited my dad’s sinuses, much as I love him, because when the weather is as changeable as weather in Toronto can be, it knocks me for a loop. It’s been worse this year, I think because I’ve had so many other stresses playing a role.

Anyway, enough of the misery, here’s the good news.

It’s not yet midnight, and I have accomplished my goal of getting more than 100,000 words for NaNo 2010! Admittedly not much more (only 53), but the goal was 100K, not how much over that I would go.

Of course, Lost and Found isn’t finished; I’m going to still be writing it into December. But it’s at least half done, so I’m fairly satisfied with that accomplishment. And I’m going to have people bugging me to finish it as quickly as possible, I know, because they want to get the next “ready for beta” chapter of Search and Rescue to read, and that’s not getting done until I finish this first draft of Lost and Found.

Anyway, here’s hoping I feel better tomorrow!

Happy November, all!


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NaNoWriMo 2010 Update #7

Well, here it is, midnight on Sunday. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite reached 100K words just yet; but I’m at 98,028, so I’ll definitely be hitting 100K early tomorrow. Look forward to it!

(Very short message….)

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Update #6

Yes, it’s true! Another update the day after I did the last one! Stunning, isn’t it!

However, as I’m posting my milestones when it comes to NaNoWriMo, I needed to post today. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m aiming to get 100K words by Monday night. I finished last night with 77,663 words. My goal for today, as I wanted it to be manageable, was for 85K.

But as I was hyped up from the effects of the write-in session (this seems to happen often…), I ended up writing some more just after midnight. When I went to bed, I had managed to get 81,016 words total. (Yes, I wrote over 3K words before going to bed “last night”.)

So I modified my goals for today somewhat. I still wanted to get 85K by midnight tonight – which meant writing another 4K words, and finishing off Chapter 10 – but I decided to do a “hopeful” goal: 90,000 words by midnight tonight, which would finish off Chapter 11 (the chapters seem to be between 8,000 and 8,550 words each).

Guess what?

It’s only 22:30 hours – there’s still another hour and a half, and I can get between 800 and 1,000 words written in a half hour – and my current total word count is: 90,649 words. I did it – which means that there’s less than 10,000 words left to reach my 100K goal, and I can (if I work it) get that done by tomorrow night, rather than Monday. (Which is good, because I suspect Lost and Found is going to be at least 150K words, and the more I get written this month, the less I have to write in December.)

It has also led to beating my previous highest words per day count of 12,861 words; at present, I have 12,986 words written, and I intend to write more. I’ll probably post an edit here just before going to bed stating how many I ended up writing.

So as you can probably guess, I’m practically bouncing, I’m so hyped up and happy….

[EDIT 23:57 hrs.: Okay, finished the typing for midnight. And boy, have I done a lot! My current word count total is now 92,830 words – meaning less than 7,200 words to 100K – and my word count for today? Is 15,167. Count me stunned.]

‘Later, all!

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Update #5

Okay, here’s the latest on NaNoWriMo.

Unfortunately, for the first part of the week I was effectively taken out of the game with sinus migraines – or sinus headaches of migraine intensity. So I didn’t update my story from Monday to Wednesday. *sighs*

Got some written yesterday, and am currently at the Friday write-in session, and have reached just over 75,000 words. (*waits for cheers*) Now I’m trying to get to 100,000 words by Monday evening. Luckily, the next two days are the weekend….

The write-in has been fun so far, and I’m enjoying it again this week. So far we’ve had two people in the session reach the NaNo goal of 50,000 words, so we’re doing well. And we’ve got quite the crowd here, probably since it’s the last Friday write-in session for the month of November.

Anyway, I’ve got to go get another cup of tea, then concentrate more on my writing (25K words in 3 days is a lot!).

‘Later, all!

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Update #4

(#3 having been the report of the Overnight Writing Session I put out this morning.)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have made my partway goal. I was determined to have 70,000 by midnight tonight, and guess what? I got it just before the clock hit the half hour. My word count now stands at a very respectable 70,015 words. Along with the fact that I have written more words in the past 25 hours than I thought possible.

Since about 2230 hours last night (aka 10:30 pm), I have written a whopping 15,800 words; 12,870 of those words since midnight. I have never written that many words in a period of less than two days before (and that’s been only in the rush up to the end of NaNo).

And what is in my opinion even more amazing, is that I barely touched the story from the time I got home from brunch (at approximately 12:30) and an hour ago. (Not that I was sleeping, unfortunately; I really should have been, but something else occupied my attention.)

So anyway, for those interested in the actual story I’m writing (*grins*), I’m almost at the end of the first half of the story, with some of the bad guys getting caught. But Brendan and Ryuu are still going to have to deal with not only Ryuu’s family (some of whom are not quite as pleasant as Ryuu remembers them), but also the Big Bad coming their way. *smirks evilly at Brendan, then ducks away from Ryuu’s knives*

So… unless I really put my nose to the grindstone this week and crank out 5,000-10,000 words a day (which is not terribly likely), I don’t think Lost and Found will be finished by the end of November. I’m going to try, but I’ve learned not to guarantee things. It only leads to unreasonable expectations and disappointment.

Of course, there’s still just over a week – 9 days – left, and you never know what could happen. I’m getting into scheduling my time better these days (for a whole bunch of reasons), so I’m planning to work on NaNo from the late afternoon all the way to bedtime every day. We’ll see what happens.

Going to go bask in my achievement of 70K….

‘Later, all!

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NaNoWriMo 2010: Overnight Writing Session

Okay, the Toronto NaNoWriMo Overnight Writing Session has just finished less than an hour ago (it went from 10pm yesterday to 8am this morning), and I’m sitting in the Second Cup across Yonge from the location where it was.

I had a great time there. I’ve been making more friends/acquaintances from among the Toronto NaNo community over the past two Friday nights, and one of them chose to sit at the same table I was at, so I had companionship from more than just the people a table or two away from where I was. (Not to mention Errol… so we just won’t mention him. ;))

As always, the upper room was the Loud Room (aka All Right, Where Did They Get The Elephants From?!), and the lower room was the Quiet Room (though there was definitely some talking there). I always tend to stay in the Quiet Room, because I come to the OWS to actually write, not just socialize (though I managed to do a bit of that as well). So I was in the Quiet Room all night.

And I managed to write a total of almost 11,000 words throughout the night (I finished the last 300 words of those 11K here at the Second Cup)! I’ve written a bit more since then; so far my word count going from midnight is 8,873 words (I wrote 2,998 words between 10pm and midnight). And my total word count at the moment is a whopping 66,018.

Yes, you read that right, people; I’ve currently got over 66,000 words written on my novel, all since November 4th (which is when I finally got started writing this thing, as opposed to my original story idea).

My current goal for today is to reach 70,000 words, which would put me exactly on goal for reaching 100K words for November 30th. (I want to get more – I think the story is demanding more, though I’m coming up on the climax of the first part – but we’ll see what happens.) Meaning I’ve got to get 4,000 more words today. I’ll be back to working on it when I finish this post, and I’ll update again tonight with the results.

Oh, and my Word War team, the Book Wyrms, is currently in the lead by about 100,000 words. Even over the Overachievers Team (though that will change once more of us hit 100,000, because at that point, our totals will be added to their team as well as count for our own… but the Overachievers Team is doing something different from the rest – see my two previous posts). This is a wonderful thing. Especially wonderful because it’s fun.

Other than that… there were a few laughs and giggles down with us, and there was an issue with one of the kettles (it only worked if you actually held the kettle down, and then that stopped working), but things went wonderfully in my opinion – and I have 11 little stars (well, shaped stickers) for each of the 1,000 words I managed to write during the Session.

I’m happy. It’s been a good OWS. I’m also tired, but that has to wait until I get home. *shrugs* Another 1-1/2 hours here, then up to Y&E to have brunch with the aunts. Then I can crash. After I get another 1,000 or so more words written here, and more on the way up to brunch, and on the way home. *grins*

‘Later, all!

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Update #2

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve hit 50,000 words (actually, 50,044 as of this time). I originally meant to get to this point by last Monday, but… well, having sinus migraines for three days can kind of interfere with your writing. Wasn’t fun. So, it’s now Friday morning (early Friday morning). I reached 49,545 words – along with the start of Chp. 7 of Lost and Found – by midnight, less than an hour ago. Since then, I’ve passed the finish line. Yay me!

But there’s definitely still more to go. I have a goal aside from finishing Lost and Found for NaNoWriMo this year. It involves Toronto’s Word War. This year, unlike other years, we aren’t competing against a different city – we’ve won the last several, and it’s started to get just a wee bit boring. So we’re competing against ourselves. There are five main teams (I’m on Team Book Wyrms, and at the moment, we’re winning!), along with Team Overachiever, which is made up of those who made over 100,000 words last year. And every Word War team member who makes over 100,000 words this year will be put on Team Overachiever as well as their own team.

Why is this so important, you wonder?

Well, aside from the fact that I have a feeling that Lost and Found, like the prequel Search and Rescue, will be over 100K words, and I’d really like to finish the first draft by the 30th… Team Overachiever is participating in a donation drive for The Office of Letters and Light, which is NaNoWriMo’s parent, non-profit company. For every half million (500 thousand) words written by Team Overachiever, you pledge how much you want to donate, and then at the end of the month, donate it. So I want to help that. I won’t hit 500K words, I know that much, but my 100K+ will definitely count.

I believe in what OLL wants to do, admire the help they provide for the Young Writers’ Program (kids in school and under 12 who participate in NaNoWriMo), and want to encourage writers to participate in events such as NaNoWriMo. To do all that, and things that they want to do to improve both programs – as well as Script Frenzy and its accompanying Young Writers’ Program, which takes place in April – they need the help that donations provide. So I do my best to do what I can.

Anyway, the basic point of this post was to go, “Yay! I won again this year!”, and to let you know what my ambitions are for the rest of the month. Tonight I go to a write-in session at the Starbucks by the TTC Runnymede Station, and tomorrow (Saturday) to Sunday morning is the Overnight Writing Session, which I’m looking forward to as always.

To those following on my LJ who aren’t quite at the current word goal… I wrote a pep talk (now here on my LJ) for the topic shown in yesterday’s Procrastination Station, Pep Talks from the Unpublished. I do encourage you to read the thread – there are a hell of a lot of excellent pep talks from fellow NaNoers there, and one of them (or more!) might resonate with you. The originator of the topic even wrote a Pep Poem that’s a short way down the page that I found myself both laughing at and agreeing wholeheartedly with.

Will probably post another entry on Sunday to discuss today’s writing session (last week’s was wonderful) and the Overnight Session.

‘Later, all!
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P.S. By the way, if any NaNoers are reading this journal who haven’t friended me on NaNoWriMo, I invite you to do so. As I said in my pep talk, a large part of NaNoWriMo is the community, and the more connections we make, the more encouragement we get. And thank you to those who have posted replies to my previous NaNoWriMo entries encouraging me – every little bit helps, and it’s partly thanks to you that I’ve made it to 50K so quickly.

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NaNoWriMo Pep Talk

So, there was a topic on yesterday’s NaNoWriMo Procrastination Station called “Pep Talks from the Unpublished” – which was basically a solicitation for pep talks from fellow NaNoers. I read through it, and I thought: A) it was a wonderful idea; and B) that there were some really, really good pep talks there. So I was inspired to write one (while I should have been trying to finish 50K by midnight!). No idea whether you’ll find it good or not, but I hope it encourages someone, at least. It did me, while I was writing it!

TrudyG’s Pep Talk!

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Update #1

*heaves pleased sigh*

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve managed to catch up to the expected wordcount for today (well, Nov. 9th). (And surpass it by 450 words.) By dint of heroic effort today (which included over 8,000 words written over the course of the afternoon and evening), I am finally where I should be in the count for my novel. This is good. This is very good. *grins, pleased*

And what’s even better is that I’ve got this far thanks to bouncing help from Vathara, and being evil to my characters. And no pirate ninja zombies needed!

So, with any luck, I shall continue to overcome the difficulties of this month and get those words written. Considering I’m participating in Toronto NaNo’s WordWar (I’m a proud member of the BookWyrms team!), and I want to also be a part of the Overachievers team (for which we have to reach 100,000 words-plus), I’m going to have to keep up the momentum.

Yep, so far this week is going far better than the past four.

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NaNoWriMo 2010

Well, I am once again participating in the National Novel Writing Month. Unfortunately, this year I’ve got a slow start, due to my current health issues, and so I’m quite a bit behind on wordcount at the moment. I’m working on it, though, and today seems to be a good day for writing. (Though I’m missing/have missed the Subway Writing Session, unfortunately, due to the fact my stomach was feeling iffy this morning.)

This year’s NaNo Novel is titled Lost and Found, and is a sequel to my 2008 NaNo Novel Search and Rescue.

Not much more to say at the moment; I’ll put up another post when I’m caught up to where I should be in the wordcount totals (so hopefully by Wednesday).

later, all!
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