Politics, Schmolitics…

…aka “Someone Tell Those Idiots to Leave the Mud-Slinging and Name-Calling in the Schoolyard Where it Belongs!” aka “Okay, Time To Vote Green Party, Everyone”…

Yes, I’m coming back from about a month and a half of dizzy spells and absentmindedness with a rant about politics, a subject I usually stay as far away from as I possibly can… but I’m rather fed up.

For those who aren’t Canadian, this is probably something you can ignore. Hell, you can ignore it if you are Canadian. I’m just wanting to express my annoyance in a semi-public forum, I guess, what with the federal election being in less than two weeks.

So, why are we having an election? From what I can tell, it’s because the Liberals have been naughty little boys and girls who have been sticking their fingers in the piggy-bank when they shouldn’t have been. Okay, not happy about that. They definitely screwed up there. However, listening to some of the radio election ads for the Conservatives, I have to laugh; the implication from those ads being that while the Liberals are corrupt, the Conservatives are near saints.

Now, I can’t say that any particular politician is corrupt or not – see above regarding my usual views on politics. It is, however, an accepted fact of life in both Canada and the U.S. (and probably a number of other countries) that politics = corruption. No matter who is in power, there’s going to be people exploiting it. A rather cynical view of human nature, I admit, but one I doubt that people can refute. The Liberals simply ended up getting caught at it.

So why am I going into this?

Simple. We’ve been inundated over the past several months about Liberal corruption, to the point where I imagine people are sick of hearing about it. Yes, they screwed up. Yes, those are valid reasons to doubt their fitness for holding government office. But at the same time, the ones who have been involved in said corruption (at least as far as I’m aware) have been/are being dealt with. Would you tar and feather a whole group for the mistakes of a few? (Please ignore my inconsistency between this and my comment about politics=corruption… *rueful look*)

The question that needs to be asked is: who will do the best job of government?

My personal views tend to fall into line with the Liberal ideals – I was delighted at the fact that the government decided to legalize/recognize same-sex marriage, etc. And I do not want the Conservatives screwing up advances like that (as far as I recall, Mr. Harper – the Conservative leader – has threatened to “re-visit” that particular piece of legislation should they get in). Nor do I want the Bloc Quebecois in charge (gods, that would be a nightmare!).

So, the question becomes, what do I, personally, do? The ads that have been going on (every one that I’ve heard of, I don’t care which party it’s from) are seriously making me think that we need to toss the entire government out and start anew.

*shrug* Oh well… will have to wait and see, I guess.

*rant over*

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4 thoughts on “Politics, Schmolitics…

  1. Absentmindedness is my life! 😉

    hey definitely screwed up there.

    Screwed up? They explicitly and purposefully lied/cheated/stole from us, big time. I don’t feel the “I didn’t know about it” excuse cuts it either.

    politics = corruption

    That may be the way things are, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You’re are right that the other parties are no less evil though. This is definitely an election of lesser evils, but every party is looking pretty evil right now.

    Voting for a party based on their ideals might be OK if any of them actually stuck to those ideals once in power, but too often they don’t.

    Personally, I think I would do the best job of running this country. Cuz, if anyone is going to steal and profit from us, it might as well be ME. Heh.

  2. You know what? I’d just decided a few hours ago that that’s who I’m going to vote for, the Green Party candidate. We have the Lying Liberals in one corner, the Conservatives and Stephen Harper in another one (I, too, agree that same sex marriage should be legal in our country, abortion should be legal, etc.), Jack Layton and ‘oh, let’s put Svend Robinson in charge in B.C. because he’s done his time etc. for stealing that ring from an auction to give to his lover’ (who hasn’t done any time at all or paid any penalty I can see) his party, or the Green Party. In some form or other, haven’t the first three parties already had a chance to screw up our country? Time for the Greens to try!

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