RuroKen Fans (& Fans of Vathara’s Writing) Note…

Guess what? Vathara’s done it again…

No, I’m afraid it’s not the next Urban Legends… but trust me, you won’t be sorry reading it!

I would like to introduce a new massive crossover by Vathara:

Ethan Rayne’s Very Bad Day: Ethan’s Halloween costume chaos… backfires. Multiple crossover Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, and Pet Shop of Horrors among others. Many others. Be afraid….

AKA Kenshin meets Buffy meets Inuyasha meets Gundam Wing meets Jedi meets comics… *Very Evil Snicker*

This one is highly recommended; it has the adventure and drama of Vathara’s best stories, mixed in with the humour she adds so subtly and so well…

(Can you tell I love this particular story? *G*)

Later, all!

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