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Get the weather rant over and done with quickly: It’s getting colder! *Wail*

Re the book: Finished The Fairy Godmother on the way home from work. I was right – wonderful, engaging book. It even has a small Q&A with Misty Lackey at the back.

Lovely story. It’s a fantasy-romance; but unlike a few others I’ve read, where the romance plot is the main storyline, and it seems the fantasy element has just been thrown in to try to increase the appeal, The Fairy Godmother is a real fantasy (written by Mercedes Lackey, how could it be otherwise?) that just happens to also be a romance (PG-17/R-rated for het lemon, I’d say).

And now that I’ve finished, I’ve giving it an even stronger recommendation. If you like fairytales, Mercedes Lackey’s books, and/or romance with strong women (who don’t suddenly become weak and let the hero handle it all), I’d say there’s a very good chance you’ll enjoy this.

Title: The Fairy Godmother
Author: Mercedes Lackey
Publisher: Luna

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More Wacky Weather & Books

Well, the weather’s definitely wacky – was reasonably balmy this past night (all to the good when I’ve got to be outside doing patrols). Didn’t even need gloves or a scarf – and this was after midnight!

Picked up a copy of Mercedes Lackey’s new novel The Fairy Godmother yesterday morning… Almost finished reading it. It’s proving to be quite an interesting and entertaining read, quite different from her Elemental Masters series (though both contain fairytale elements, romance and magic). Very engaging characters and some delightful twists on various fairytales. Highly recommended. And the perfect antidote to the technical problems being encountered at work… (Note: Current Mood is determined by said technical problems.)