Oh, What A Beautiful Morning…

Despite the fact that it’s rather cloudly out, it’s actually a beautiful day today in T.O. It’s 2C, supposedly feels like -2C, but the feeling of the day is like that of a day in early spring – late March or early April – when the snow’s in the process of melting and trees are starting to put out buds…

Not that that’s happening – except for the snow & ice melting – but that’s what it feels like. A good omen for the New Year, I’d say.

*makes cute-lil-puddy-tat-eyes at everyone* Please read the prologue to my new Rurouni Kenshin story (just below) and review… Please? (*g*) I’m going to be working on Chp. 1 today…

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Happy New Year’s!

Well, I’m off to bed – but before I go, I wanted to:

Wish everyone a very happy New Year’s, and all the very best for 2005!

Have a wonderful night, all!

(Oh, and re the RK story – yes, I actually managed to get the prologue finished. *g* It’s with Vathara now.)