Zine Updates…

Well, I’ve finally managed to get the website for Blackfly Presses, the fanfic zine publisher of which I am a part, mostly updated (all prices are right, and that sort of thing). Was thinking that it would take me until tomorrow to get around to it (I’m rather tired at this point), but I ended up pushing all the way through it this morning. *whew!* *wipes forehead*

Now I just need to go through the latest zine status reports to get that info, but it can wait until tomorrow… or maybe the weekend, depending on how much other stuff ends up on my plate. Kenshin and SaitĂ´ are really starting to agitate to get to work on the writing again – they want the second chapter of the other RK story (the one that isn’t RuroBatt) moving forward… not to mention Chp. 2 of RuroBatt itself finished… (They’re just a little more insistent about the other one right now.)

Later, all!

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2 thoughts on “Zine Updates…

  1. Re: Zines vs the in-ter-net

    We actually seem to do reasonably well. True, we don’t sell a huge number on-line (though since we got Waveney Presses as one of our agents, we do okay with the on-line stuff), but we tend to do quite well at MediaWest*Con, and I believe the times we’ve gone to Z-Con (or some of us have, at least – that’s one of the cons I’ve never gone to) we’ve done fairly well – we tend to sell most of what we bring down of our newest zines then.

    The other thing about zines vs. the internet (and I personally like both) is that zines (especially ours) are edited. We (meaning Blackfly Presses) tend to go over the stories we receive with a fine-toothed comb, and most of us (including our Editor-in-Chief) are sticklers for grammar. So with zines, you generally (not always, I will admit, but in general) get more quality control than you do on the ‘Net.

    We’ve been publishing zines for about… whoa, five years now! *blink* *shakes head in disbelief at the length of time* We’ve got a fairly good selection, and from what I’ve been able to tell, have developed a fairly good reputation for quality and commitment in the fanfic/fanzine community. It also helps, I think, that we’re generalists in terms of fandom – we’ve published (/are publishing) multi-media anthologies, and novellas/novels/series in everything from EFC to Highlander to NCIS to Prey to Sports Night…

    Anyway, all in all, I think that there’s still enough interest in zines these days to make it worth continuing.

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