RK Fic: Rurouni Battousai – Chapter 4 Pt. 3

As promised, here is Pt. 3 of Chapter 4 of RuroBatt/Edge of the Blade.

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Chapter 3

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RuroBatt:Chp4(.3) Author’s Notes

Apologies & General Update

Jeez, it’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything! (*checks date of last post*) Yep – a month and a week, in fact. *sighs*

First of all, my apologies – other things have kept me distracted.

First there was finishing my Airwolf story (yes, the one mentioned in the previous two posts) and submitting it to my fellow Blackflies. It’s been accepted, so will definitely be appearing in our zine Horizontal Mosaic: Vol. 12, debuting Sept. 29th. Just waiting for the edits to come back so it gets finalized (while doing my own edits for all the other submissions – we’re popular!).

Then Toronto decided to have a week of tropical – or, at the very least, near-tropical – summer. The humidex that Tuesday reached 47°C (116.6°F)! ARGH! Have I mentioned how much I hate Toronto summers? I’m sure I have…. (The good news is that for the past week, the evenings/overnights have been reasonably mild to cool, and since that’s when I work, I’m happy.)

Then, I spent the next week trying to recover from that week – and the week after that recovering from the weekend between them, when I couldn’t get more than 4-5 hours of sleep at a stretch – at most. Fairly unpleasant one, that. At least last weekend was better.

In other words, I haven’t written anything since I finished the Airwolf story (Something to Live For, Stringfellow Hawke/Michael Archangel, by Bardd).

But there was some good news in there.

One of my best friends (Loui, with whom I form the TwinTorment team of Mischief and Mayhem) is coming for a visit in October! Her flights are all booked (let’s just hope some of this mess regarding carry-on baggage gets dealt with before then, given she’s coming from the UK), and we’re starting to make our plans… I am so looking forward to it!

And just before I sign off – I will be posting (finally) Part 4.3 of RuroBatt/Edge of the Blade by tomorrow morning at the latest.

Later, all!

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Notes From The Plot Bunny Corral….

*In the middle of a large area enclosed by a wooden fence surmounted by barbed wire, anti-aircraft guns and Super-Size, Industrial Strength Spray Cans of “Bunny-B-Gone”, there is a large pile of fur. A single, solitary human hand is stuck up right in the middle, waving a sign that says, “HELP! It’s a Rabid Plot Bunny Attack!”*

I apologize for not posting anything lately, but… well, see above. I’ve been attacked by a large number of Plot Bunnies, the latest of which (for an Airwolf story for Blackfly Presses‘ “Horizontal Mosaic Vol. 12”) is quite rabid. As in, it only let me get two hours of sleep yesterday (this past afternoon), because the moment I’d get close to the point of drifting off… it would suddenly provide me with another sentence or two for one scene or another.

*tag heaves a sigh and mutters something under her breath about [CENSORED] Rabid Plot Bunnies….*

8> tag

Pressie For Ravenstormfire….

A belated happy birthday to ravenstormfire – and here’s a little present for you! Enjoy!

(And yes, I’m still working on those meme-vignettes.)

Previous Parts

Eye of the Storm – eZBoard Pt. 12, FFNet Pt. 6.1

The Three “H”s

Well, had a wonderful time at MediaWest*Con (will write more about that later – tonight or tomorrow morning), and then arrived home Monday evening.

And boy, what a Monday it was!

We got a call from the husband of one of the Blackflies (the friends I went with) Monday morning (around 8:15 am or so) to say that the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission – the subways & buses) was on a wildcat strike. This was very definitely bad news. Not only do I need the TTC to get to work, but so do a lot of other people; and with them on strike, the traffic around Toronto would be crazy all day. (We were aiming to leave Lansing at noon, and get back to Toronto probably about 8 or 9 Monday night, depending on how long we stopped for lunch.)

Luckily, we found out shortly after we passed the border at Sarnia (which was nice and quick) that the TTC had gone back to work in the afternoon. But people here are not happy.

And then we come to the other part of the problem.

Toronto’s summer has hit. Which means the three “H”s are in effect: Heat, Humidity, and Haze. Yesterday we had a high of about 33°C (91.5°F), with a bumidex of close to 39°C (102.2°F). Today, the high is due to be 30°C (86°F) with a humidex of 40°C (104°F). Never, ever let anyone suggest to you that Canadian (particularly southern Canadian) summers are cool.

*sigh* I hate the heat. I get headaches, and a nasty rash on my palms and the inside of my arms (and, if it’s really bad, the inside of my legs) that makes them swell and itch. I hate Toronto summers…. [/rant]

Well, going to see about getting some work done (at last!) on Eye of the Storm and ravenstormfire‘s EFC vignette….

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From MW*C26….

Well, we made it!

Got in at just after 3:30pm yesterday afternoon (our best time yet!), got up to our room, got settled, relaxed, sold some zines, updated the Blackfly Presses website with the zines that are debuting here at MediaWest*Con.

Other than that, our dealer’s table is all set up, and Blackfly Presses is ready and raring to go!

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General & Fic Updates

Well, went and volunteered for the 12-hour Saturday shift this week (partly since I’ll be going to MediaWest*Con 26 next weekend, so off work for three shifts; and partly because we’re still two people short, though we have a new S/O starting next week). So I’m here at work, on the one Canadian long weekend of the school year that the boarders aren’t sent home…. *rolls eyes*

In general, I’ve been having a fairly good month. Starting with my birthday weekend (*g*), and then the fact that I’m managing to get some writing done.

And speaking of that….

I have finally, finally managed to get started on Chp. 5 of RuroBatt/Edge of the Blade – which I’ve been trying to do since… gah! October! In fact, got Part 1 of Chp. 5 written and finished yesterday morning.

Still working on those vignettes for ravenstormfire, merula31, and Anon. (So don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten….)

Getting some more work done on that odd SF RuroKen AU….

And in other news:

My youngest sister’s Commencement (graduation from the Bachelor’s program at Memorial University, St. John’s, NFLD) is on Wednesday. Parents are there, and she flew down (from here) on Friday. One of my cousins has her Commencement the same day, so it works out well.

Only 12 more days until the parents, middle sister and niece Zoë come up to T.O. for the week. And that Saturday (two weeks from today) is for Mom & me to spend all on our own… I’m looking forward to that.


Later, all!

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RK Fic: Merula’s Vignette (1 of 2)

Here is the first of merula31‘s vignettes from the Fandom Meme. Unlike the other vignettes, this is actually part of a story I already have in progress, called Human Touch. I would be interested in opinions….

Please note that despite how it may appear, this is not slash/shōnen-ai; it is, at most, pre-shōnen-ai. And there are reasons behind the apparently OOC behaviour, some of which are in this bit….

[edit] Gah! Bad tag0!

As with all tag0’s RK stories, this was beta-ed by the inestimable Vathara.[/edit]

Merula’s RK Vignette….

RK Fic: Rurouni Battousai – Chapter 4 Pt. 2

And now, the part you’ve all been waiting for….

*tag pulls aside a large velvet curtain* Presenting… Tokio!

[Edited for vocabulary Sunday May 28/06.]

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Back to Chapter 4, Part 1.

RuroBatt:Chp4(.2) Author’s Notes

RK Fic: Rurouni Battousai – Chapter 4 Pt. 1

At long last… it’s the beginning of Chapter 4!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Back to Chapter 3, Part 4.

RuroBatt:Chp4(.1) Author’s Notes

RK Fic: Rurouni Battousai – Chapter 3 Pt. 4

Sorry about it being a couple of hours late, but I overslept and my time-sense ended up slightly out of whack.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Back to Chapter 3, Part 3.

RuroBatt:Chp3(.4) Author’s Notes

RK Fic: RS #1 A Strange Partnership – Chp. 3

Here’s Chp. 3 of RuroSen: A Strange Partnership, in which Saitō broods, Kenshin broods, and Kurosaka wonders what the heck is going on.

[Minor Edits: Wed. Jan. 24/07.]

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

RuroSen1: A Strange Partnership – Author’s Notes – Read Me First!

RK Fic: Rurouni Battousai – Chapter 3 Pt. 3

Okay, a slightly belated Christmas present to all those enjoying Edge of the Blade….

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Back to Chapter 3, Part 2.

RuroBatt:Chp3(.3) Author’s Notes

RK Fic: RS #1 A Strange Partnership – Chp. 2

And now, Chp. 2 of RuroSen: A Strange Partnership, in which Saitō and Kenshin have their first of many conversations (or should that be confrontations? *g*) about things, and we find out a bit about what Hiko has to do with things. Oh, and the Sentinel/Guide instincts continue to act… and Saitō experiences still more disturbing revelations. *EG*

[Minor Edits: Fri. June 06/07.]

Chapter 1

RuroSen1: A Strange Partnership – Author’s Notes – Read Me First!

Update: Life, the Universe, and Everything

Well, it’s been a while since my last post here; been rather busy with various things, including visiting my sister and new niece in Halifax (went from Nov. 30 to Dec. 4). I’ll be putting up some pictures in a new gallery – probably this weekend, I expect.

Work is going well, though I must admit I can’t wait until next Thursday (last day of school until the second week of January – Yay!). Having a bit of a problem with strange dizzy spells, but they aren’t really interfering with work and I’m going to see the doctor about them next week.

In terms of writing… well, I haven’t done much. It seems the November blahs waited until after I came back from visiting Sonja and Zoë to pop up, and I’ve been pretty apathetic about it since. (It doesn’t help that I’ve been devouring a new fandom’s worth of fics, either…) However, I do plan to get back in the groove either today or tonight at work. And good news for those waiting for new parts to Edge of the Blade/RuroBatt and RuroSen: A Strange Partnership; I plan to post Chp. 2 of the latter by this weekend, and Chp. 3.3 of the former at some point next week.

Plus, I’ve got another new RK fic on the go – this one based (with permission – in fact, she’s beta-reading it for me, as usual) on an idea of Vathara’s. Major AU; it’s an science fiction scenario that has some… interesting elements to it. Including the fact that Saitô and Kenshin were on the same side in the war they fought… So far, I have the prologue, Chp. 1, and the beginnings of Chp. 2 written. Do people want me to start posting it now, or would you prefer to wait until I’ve got more done?

Other than that, I’ve seen Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and must say that it’s definitely a better quality movie than Prisoner of Azkaban was; while they did cut out scenes from the book, of course (the movie being over 2-1/2 hrs. long as it is), they managed to hit all the important parts. (Unlike PoA, which didn’t even establish the identities of the Marauders or what Sirius did to Snape with respect to Remus! Those are some of the most important parts of the book! Sorry, that just ticks me off, that they left that out…)

And on Thursday, going to see Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe with my adopted aunt. Looking forward to it; that was one of my favourites as a child.

Later, all!
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RK Fic: Rurouni Battousai – Chapter 3 Pt. 2

My apologies for the delay in posting this… I’ve been a bit distracted of late.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Back to Chapter 3, Part 1.

RuroBatt:Chp3(.2) Author’s Notes

RK Fic: RS #1 A Strange Partnership – Chp. 1

Okay, finally fairly pleased with what I have written so far of RuroSen…. Sorry it’s taken so long! It’s been a busy week…. (Hope all my fellow Canadians are enjoying their Thanksgiving….)

Please note that this is a Rurouni Kenshin/The Sentinel crossover (Vathara’s Crossover Commando somehow found his way into my Plot Bunny Corral, and Saitō and Kenshin actually let him in). It is the first story in a series that will have at least one sequel, and a short prologue that I’m also working on….

[Minor Edits: Wed. Jan. 24/07.]

RuroSen1: A Strange Partnership – Author’s Notes – Read Me First!

RK Fic: Rurouni Battousai – Chapter 3 Pt. 1

Given that I’m over halfway through writing Chp. 4, I figured it was time to start posting Chp. 3…. (Note re RuroSen – I will try to review it next week to check that Chp. 1 is ready to post – it should be, but I just want to make sure.)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Back to Chapter 2, Part 4.

RuroBatt:Chp3(.1) Author’s Notes

RuroKen Haiku

Was in the middle of working on Chp. 3 of RuroBatt/Edge of the Blade (which is almost finished) early this morning at work when I suddenly ended up with a haiku in my head.

It focuses on the moment Saitô and Battôsai face off against each other in the Kamiya dojo, and applies equally well to canon or to RuroBatt.

Let me know what you think!

“Wolf-golden eyes meet
dragon amber; all is still–
swords clash in battle.”

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RK Fic: Rurouni Battousai – Chapter 2 Pt. 4

At long last, Part 4 of Chapter 2 of RuroBatt. (And as for RuroSen, perhaps Chp. 1 may be posted next week….)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Back to Chapter 2, Part 3.

RuroBatt:Chp2(.4) Author’s Notes

Short Staff = Longer Hours

Well, I’m staying about 2-1/2 hrs. late at work again, due to the fact that our front steps are still under repair, so one person (me, in this case) has to remain at the main security station (just inside the front entrance), and one person has to be at the door that’s acting as the front entrance.

Again, it’ll help with my paycheck. And maybe I’ll actually manage to get 8 hours of sleep this afternoon!

Oh, and just in case people didn’t notice (because I added another post shortly after it), I’m reiterating my question regarding the posting of Chp. 2, Pt. 4 of RuroBatt(/Edge of the Blade): Would you like me to post it now, or would you prefer to wait until I finish writing Chp. 3? (Just as an extra note, I’m on the second half (Pt. 3, to be exact) of Chp. 3…)

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Pics… Lots O’Pics…

Well, I finally went and indulged myself – bought a digital camera. Of course, my first ten or so pictures have been of the cats… will probably add the best of them to my icons, and possibly post here…

Not much else to say, other than that. Hoping we’ll get a new supervisor hired ASAP now that the principal’s been back for a week…

Getting some writing done… Just waiting for my Mom to finish going over what I’ve got of RuroSen before re-posting the first chapter (don’t worry, Mom, no huge hurry – whenever you can get to it), as I’ve posed her the latest nagging question… Also, in terms of RuroBatt/Edge of the Blade, I’ve finally finished writing Chp. 3 Pt. 1, and have begun (sort of) Chp. 3 Pt. 3 (Pt. 2 was done before Pt. 1, since one of them focuses on Kenshin, and the other on Saitô…). Once I figure out how to detail the problems Misao’s causing, I’ll be well on my way…

So, question. Do you want me to post RuroBatt/Edge of the Blade Chp. 2 Pt. 4 right now, or wait until I’ve finished Chp. 3? Up to you guys – it’s basically ready…


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RuroKen Fans (& Fans of Vathara’s Writing) Note…

Guess what? Vathara’s done it again…

No, I’m afraid it’s not the next Urban Legends… but trust me, you won’t be sorry reading it!

I would like to introduce a new massive crossover by Vathara:

Ethan Rayne’s Very Bad Day: Ethan’s Halloween costume chaos… backfires. Multiple crossover Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, and Pet Shop of Horrors among others. Many others. Be afraid….

AKA Kenshin meets Buffy meets Inuyasha meets Gundam Wing meets Jedi meets comics… *Very Evil Snicker*

This one is highly recommended; it has the adventure and drama of Vathara’s best stories, mixed in with the humour she adds so subtly and so well…

(Can you tell I love this particular story? *G*)

Later, all!

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RuroBatt Title & On FFNet…

Well, I managed to come up with a title for RuroBatt: Edge of the Blade. As a result, I’ve started posting to FFNet. The prologue is the only thing up at the moment, and I’ll be posting slower there than here…

Anyway, just a quick announcement.

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RK Fic: Rurouni Battousai – Chapter 2 Pt. 3

And now, Pt. 3 of Chapter 2 of RuroBatt…. (Minor edit made Sat. Aug. 06/05.)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Back to Chapter 2, Part 2.

RuroBatt:Chp2(.3) Author’s Notes

Coming Soon…

As promised, I will be posting Chapter 2.3 of RuroBatt sometime later today (most likely this afternoon, as I may go to see “Sky High” beforehand). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to write much more of Chapter 3 this week, because Kenshin and Saitô came up with a new (weird) idea they decided to try out, probably due to my exhaustion from the unexpected two longer shifts I had this week. And since Vathara likes it, and the two characters are getting a kick out of it, it seems I’ve added another RuroKen story to my “Works-In-Progress” collection… (It also means, unfortunately, that I haven’t got Chp. 1 of Correspondence, the sequel to my Harry Potter HBP story Missives, finished yet.)

The good news is that the rain we had on Wednesday morning managed to cool the temperature (mainly by reducing the humidex) down to a more livable level for Wednesday and yesterday (I was almost shivering while doing my outside patrol yesterday morning! It’s great! *G*), so I’ve even been able to turn off my A/C and open the windows to air out my apartment (and keep the cats happy). Fun, fun, fun! Been quite pleased about that.

Anyway, off to get some more work done… Later, all!

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Quick Fic Update – RuroBatt!

Just a quick note to anyone who is reading Rurouni Battôsai to say that you can expect Chapter 2.3 (Disruption) to be up some time this week.

Oh, and I’m probably going to start (slowly) posting RuroBatt to my FFNet account

Later, all!

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HP Fic: Missives (HBP Spoilers!)

Be warned: Here be Spoilers for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

I got HBP Saturday afternoon (when it was delivered), and finished reading it Sunday morning. This morning, I woke up at 2:30am with Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Snape whispering in my ears, and this was the result. As it’s the first time since December that I’ve been able to get anything from the HP characters, I was more than happy to indulge them right then and there.

Missives: A *Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince* Fanfic

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General (Well, Writing Mostly) Update…

Ah… cool weather. At last.

Yes, Toronto is finally having a bit of a break from the heat wave that is our (unfortunately) usual summer weather… Started yesterday, and is currently due to last until Saturday or Sunday. (Here’s hoping it lasts longer!)

Remember two weeks ago when I wrote down my list of goals for that weekend, among which was included: “Finish Chp. 4 of RuroSen“? Well, I didn’t get it finished that weekend (due mainly to the fact that I woke up after 1 p.m. that Saturday)… However, last weekend, despite the pleasant distraction of my Mom being in town, I managed to get it done. (There’s a reason I don’t mind taking buses and subways… the TTC [Toronto Transit Commission, for those non-Torontonians] is an excellent way to get writing done on the way to and from places.)

I’ve spent the past week doing revising and working on that nagging open question I mentioned in my post of June 24th, 7am. And I have finally got a solution to it, thanks it part to Vathara’s tireless efforts at figuring things out for me… (and also to my habit of thinking of story plot-lines while patrolling at work). So, with any luck, I’ll re-start posting RuroSen soon, and may even be able to go back to getting more work done on RuroBatt.

Oh, and went to see “Bewitched” last night with some of the TorFen/Blackfly Presses group (really got to get the Blackfly website updated!). To quote one of my friends, who came up with what I think is the perfect description for it: “It’s fluffy summer fun.” It’s an all-around amusing movie that isn’t terribly serious and that pays a rather interesting tribute to the original TV series.

Later, all!
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