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First of all, welcome, everyone, to the new site for tag’s Haven. I’d like to thank you all for following me here. Please, feel free to subscribe to my posts – the link is in the sidebar, just under my recent posts.

For those who are new and have followed a link here, Be Welcome! This is the blog where I talk about my life in general, moan and vent about the weather, and pre-publish my fanfic to get comments on it in order to improve it further before it goes to FFNet and tag’s Library for the wide world to see. 😉 (If you want to see the fanfic I’ve put up, links to all of it are available through the Fanfic page, as well as a bit of a summary.)

Over the next little while I’m going to be wandering around the ‘Net, changing the URLs of my blog everywhere I’ve put it up. But there is news, for anyone interested… see below. (Also, question re fic. Sorry, RK fans, not quite ready for updates yet, but have been reviewing and doing a bit more writing….)

So, first of all, the family is doing well. My nieces and nephew (Danny Patrick, who got only a sidelong mention in here months after he first appeared; his birthday is December 19th, 2009 – jeez, he’s already 3-1/4!) are doing great, and in fact Julia (my brother’s daughter, the only one who lives here in St. John’s with us) spent the night. (She does that every so often. Free babysitting for my brother and sister-in-law!)

And my middle sister (Zoe and Danny’s mother) is pregnant again; the baby (sex unknown, though my mom suspects it might be another girl) is due end of May (/ beginning of June, given that both Zoe and Danny were 9 days late). Today, her class (she’s a teacher at a school somewhere around Halifax) is going to be one of three classes talking to Commander Chris Hadfield, of the International Space Station! Yay for them! (Note: If you don’t follow @Cmdr_Hadfield on Twitter, may I recommend it? He really does take gorgeous pics.)

In terms of my life… the contract with the ILRC ended March 28th, and since then, I’ve not been in the best of condition (dizziness, blood pressure medication, sinus infections, depression, etc.) – see tagAught’s blog, that of my ASD “alter ego”, so to speak, for a lot of the details. Including my most recent post about the problems with getting me supports for independent living.

But I’ve got a new psychologist (again, see tagAught for more details), and she’s specially trained in dealing with ASD. I’m going to try to persuade my GP when I see her this week that diet is not working for the low iron anemia (though I am eating spinach and broccoli, and my vegetarian lasagna – a recent specialty – tastes delicious with spinach), and can I have iron pills, please? (I’m tired of spending half the day asleep. Pun definitely intended.) It’s getting warmer out (yesterday was 15°C; today is 11.5°C around us at the moment) and I want to go walking, but my endurance is 0, and the low iron is partly responsible for that. (Not completely, but… yeah.) And I’m using my sunlamp more regularly. So I’m looking to get better, and get cracking on job stuff.

In terms of writing… well, lately it’s been mostly Saiyuki, Detective Conan / Magic Kaito, and Charmed fic. Which brings me to my two questions: 1) I’ve already posted the Charmed story A Quiet Day at FFNet, but do you want me to post it here? 2) Do you want me to start posting finished chapters from any of those stories here as well? Especially since I need help and feedback with a few things….

Also, it being April 2013, I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo. The details are at a post on tagAught, Camp NaNoWriMo: April 2013 #1, and a bit more (including a request) at Partial #NonVerbal Autism: Camp NaNoWrimo April 2013 #2. My story details are at It Came From the Library on the Camp NaNoWriMo site, and my user profile page is in the links to the left. I’m not doing too well on word count at the moment, but I’m hoping to bring that up over the next week.

The animals here (Goold Zoo… gods, it must be iteration 4.3 or something!) are doing well, although Imber still despises Thor with the heat of a hundred hells. (And he, in turn, seems to take great delight in tweaking her tail. He’s just come past us and jumped up onto my bed.) She’s on anxiety medication, which helps a bit, but she still hates him. Imber will now wander anywhere in the house, though she prefers my bedroom, my study (which is now mostly finished) just outside my bedroom, and the dining room up on the first floor. If I’m present (or sometimes Mom; Imber’s warmed up to her quite a bit) she might come into the living room, but it’s not one of her favourite spots. She will tolerate Mew lying on my bed with her, as long as he hasn’t been chasing her lately. (Mew gets bored and restless in the winter, because it’s too cold and snowy to be comfortable out, and takes that out on the others. Thank goodness spring has come to Newfoundland.) And Sancho is still as bouncy as a puppy, and always confused when the others don’t understand that he wants to play.

Other than that… I’m hoping to post more regularly. I do encourage anyone who hasn’t heard from me in a while (all my LJ friends, all my TorFen friends, my aunts, etc.) to post comments and any questions you might want me to answer (as long as they’re not too personal! ;)).

‘Later, all!

🙂 tag0

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