Corralling the Musae

AKA: I have too many stories in too many fandoms on the go right now, and am having difficulty focusing…

HELP! Suggestions for assistance in focusing would be more than welcome, particularly as some of said stories have rapidly approaching deadlines…

*Hiding at the far end of the Plot Bunny Corral and trying to gag Saito and Methos while getting Liam and Heero to focus on telling me what’s going on (as opposed to discussing ‘what defines one as normal/human’ with each other)…*

5 thoughts on “Corralling the Musae

  1. request, more than suggestion

    I don’t know any way to help you decide which stories (or fandoms) you most want to work in, but I can tell you that I have been wishing to see one of your Harry Potter stories develop more. Do you have any intention of continuing _The Sensitive’s Gift_? It was such a well-begun piece of work that it seems a shame to let it die away.


  2. Re: request, more than suggestion

    Oh, I fully intend to continue The Sensitive’s Gift – it’s a story I’m very fond of – it’s simply (unfortunately) not one of my priorities at the moment. Unlike three of my other stories, it doesn’t have a deadline.

    (But Snape will never forgive me if I let it just die away!)

  3. Re: request, more than suggestion

    And I don’t suppose the Sensitive can, ah, acquire a deadline?


    At least “intention without a plan” about continuing is better than “abandonment” for the fic status. Thanks for the reply. Good luck with your current writing. May it go smoothly, so that you can get back to the Sensitives.

  4. Re: request, more than suggestion

    Re: Acquiring a deadline for Sensitive… not one that would be kept, I’m afraid. It’s due to be novel-length, and I can’t judge how long it will take.

    Re: ‘Intention without a plan’… If by ‘plan’ you mean dates for getting it written, yeah, I’m afraid so. If, on the other hand, you mean plotting… well, I’ve got the next few chapters basically outlined (it’s just writing them that’s the problem, between RealLife – the main problem – and the ‘immediate deadline’ stories), and I know where the story’s going.

    With any luck, I may actually get the next chapter out by the end of the month, however. (I think Harry and Snape are getting more than a little bit impatient as well.)

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