CUT – Old Version [RK Fic: RS#1 A Strange Partnership – Chp. 1]

[Edited Fri. May 13/05] All right… I’ve removed the chapter itself because I’ve made changes to it. A link will be posted to the revised Chapter 1 when it goes up.

[Edited Mon. Oct. 10/05] Go to the Correct Version of A Strange Partnership Chp. 1.

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2 thoughts on “CUT – Old Version [RK Fic: RS#1 A Strange Partnership – Chp. 1]

  1. Yay! New fic!

    An interesting start… as always you do Saito and Kenshin’s characters very well- Saito especially- that dry sarcastic humor is very good. It will be interesting to see what these two talk about when they finally have that conversation that Saito wants…

  2. “Yay! New fic!”

    Yep! As promised…

    Glad you enjoy! And very glad that my characterizations continue to get such high praise…

    And as for the conversation… *tag sighs* They sort of started it – “sort of” being the operative term, because Saitô hasn’t managed to mention the senses yet, not to mention say that he actually wants to talk to Kenshin – but they’ve been interrupted. *rolls eyes* You have no idea how hard it was trying to figure out what would get them off that “Are too!” “Am not!” kick they got on for a wee bit.


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