(Wow – bet you didn’t expect me to post again so quickly! Well, neither did I, admittedly…)

Goal-setting. A very important topic. One needs to have goals to work toward.

Example: I want to be a successful SF/Fantasy novelist.

However, one also needs to make sure that the big, important goals are divided into smaller goals that will be easier to reach, so as to achieve the big one step-by-step.

Example: I want to become a published SF/Fantasy novelist. (Then I can move towards the success part…)

And then divide those goals even further, into even more manageable goals.

Example: I want to get an original SF/Fantasy story completed.

So, what are my goals for this weekend?

1. Finish Chapter 4 of RuroSen.
2. Watch my DVD of “Sum of All Fears” (so that I can lend it to Auntie Glo on Sunday) if I get the chance.
3. Work on the original SF/F story idea (assuming Saitô and Kenshin let me, that is…).
4. Get my hair cut.

Well, so far #4 is a success…

4 thoughts on “Goal-Setting

  1. Hethosus’ goal: I want to create great fanart!
    Hethosus’ smaller goal: I want to create good fanart.
    Hethosus’ more manageable goal: I want to create fanart that does not completely suck.

    /nod /nod Yes, yes… its good to have goals.

  2. Doing a Treatment

    Hi Trudy, Tony here!

    With regard to number 3, here’s a link you might find useful on developing screenplays, which I think has a lot to lend to novels and such as well:


    I’d love to hear your thoughts (by e-mail) on your own creative process for developing a story, because we’re trying to work in a brainstorming component into our software and the more we learn about how writers plan their stories, the more useful our tool will be.

    Just in case you forgot, http://www.celtx.com/

    I’m still working on adding templates for stuff other than screenplays, but soon this could be an excelent writing tool not for movies, but novels as well, with online collaboration features (once I finish writing them…).

    Love, your brother,

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