Rambles and RuroSen/Sentinel Query…

Well, it was my aunt’s birthday yesterday. Went home from work, got some writing done, then went over to her apartment to give her the gift from myself and two of my sibs. Had a nice chat with her and got to relax for a bit before returning home to sleep.

Going to an Irish Tenors concert with her and one of my adopted aunts tonight – I’m rather looking forward to it. Hoping that I won’t have to leave for work until after the concert is over and done with… Will probably write an entry on the concert either tonight or tomorrow.

Now, I know someone wanted me to get cracking on posting RuroSen, which I certainly don’t mind doing – but I need to have an issue resolved first. Any Sentinel fans, I welcome responses to the following:

Opening Statement: All right, we know that (in fanon definitely, and there’s more than a hint of it even in canon) Guides serve as anchors for their Sentinels’ senses – a baseline, as it were. Or at least, that’s the variation of fanon that I’m using.
Problem: In what way can a Sentinel anchor a Guide? Please note that I do not want to use the “Guide as empath with no barriers” variation – I’m trying to do something else. What Guide traits (and/or traits that Blair and Kenshin have in common, for those fans of both) would require a Sentinel’s help to control?
Notes: Any and all help is appreciated, and credit will be given for any suggestions/help I use.


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3 thoughts on “Rambles and RuroSen/Sentinel Query…

  1. I’ve never seen a single episode, but I’ve read lots of fanfiction. The similarities between Kenshin and Blair are many. Except for the cleaning thing. *grin*

    I don’t know about a Sentinel helping to control/anchor a Guide, but there are some things you could use. Both of them are insecure as a kitten hanging upside down on a tree limb. They put on a good show, but they’re both lonely. They know everyone, but don’t have anyone extremely close. They’ll help anyone, but does anyone return the favor?

    The Sentinel is the one who they can rely on. Kenshin doesn’t need to be rescued like Blair, but he does need to be shown that he doesn’t have to tend his injuries himself. They both need to be cared for and to have a home. The Sentinel gives them a home, security, a sense of being needed and wanted by one person over others. It’s not as obvious as the Sentinel/senses, but it’s a good pattern to lay over the story.

  2. i’m going to pretty much echo the above, to say that Sentinels could serve as an anchor for their Guides’, um. attention. flightiness. life. something to focus on and around, and to provide a stable foundation. reliability, home, safety. etc. they give Guides somewhere to focus and commit themselves.

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