Rambles of Week…

Boy, it’s been a long week…

We’re exceedingly short-handed at work at the moment (4 people covering 6 shifts’-worth), because two of my colleagues quit (one to go back to university, the other to move back to Hamilton to be with his grandkids). So I worked last Saturday (12-hr shift); the only reason I’m not working this Saturday as well is that I have a prior commitment. I’m probably working next Saturday, though… (yes, I volunteered – yes, I’m a masochist… but hey, the pay is good!). Then this morning at 12:40 (0040 hrs.), I got a call from my supervisor saying that his wife was in labour, so he wouldn’t be in today (and apparently the baby wasn’t due until May!). So ended up working an extra hour this morning; luckily, the students were elsewhere for the morning so all I had to deal with were phone calls, working out the new PA system, letting students in who forgot they were supposed to wear their formal uniform today and didn’t have their swipe cards, an irritated piano tuner…


Last night, I got my mail before leaving for work, and opened it on the way there.

To find out that I’ve been selected for Jury Duty on Tuesday May 2nd.

Went, “Fine, I’ve been selected before, my supervisor will be pissed, but there’s not much that can be done…”

Then, I really looked at the summons.


I live in Toronto, Ontario. The summons was for St. John’s, Newfoundland – 5 provinces and halfway across the country away! (My mom’s family lives there, along with my brother…)

Now, I was a resident of St. John’s – sort of, I was a student at Memorial University – for 4 months… 11-1/2 YEARS ago!

*shakes head* Some people…

So, I got home (an hour later than usual), had breakfast, went shopping… and on my way back home, my shopping cart – containing a 10kg bag of kitty litter, along with a number of other items – broke. *sigh*

Anyway, the day has brightened up somewhat since then. I’m on my weekend (which will be interrupted only by a TT20 Convention Committee meeting, which I don’t mind – since it means I don’t have to work tomorrow! *g*), it’s only two weeks to my birthday (plus 1 hr., 10 minutes at the time of posting), and I went and uploaded a whole bunch more UserPics! (That was fun…) [See the one on this entry? That’s my niece, Zoe, at Easter – she has an evil mother! *G*]

And it was my brother’s birthday yesterday… I couldn’t phone (I’m having major problems with my phone lines at the moment – which is weird, because my DSL service doesn’t seem to be affected at all), but I did send him an e-card… and he’s getting his gift when my parents visit him (they’re coming up in just under two weeks, staying in Toronto for four days – including the all important eldest’s birthday – and then going to St. John’s to visit him and be there for my youngest sister’s Commencement).

And thus ends my rambles for the day… I’m going to bed now.

Later, all!

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2 thoughts on “Rambles of Week…

  1. That is incredibly odd for a jury summons. It’d me like me going from Saskatoon to Marathon Ontario just because I went to kindergarden there. I hope that works out for you?
    I have to ask I saw that you like the Mercedes Lackey Filk. Do you have a favourite song or Album among them. Have you heard the music that goes with By the sword and the songs of Vanyel’s time.

  2. Favourite song or album of Misty Lackey filk? At the moment, that would have to be Freedom, Flight & Fantasy. And yeah, I’ve got the By the Sword album around here somewhere… As well as Shadow Stalker (Songs of Vanyel’s Time), Oathbound, Oathbreakers, Heralds, Harpers & Havoc, Magic, Moondust & Melancholy, and Owlflight… And I think I may have one or two others that I haven’t uploaded to iTunes…

    As for the whole jury duty thing (*rolls eyes*), I’m going to be mailing the notice reply form along with a photocopy of my driver’s license to point out that I live in Ontario… *g*


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