Random Ramblings

Well, it’s been a fairly quiet month, all told… Haven’t been doing all that much, frankly. Sleeping more than I probably should be…

The past two weeks at work have been fairly quiet, but with the brats coming back tomorrow morning, it’s back to the usual now (*sigh*).

Going to try my best to get some writing done – this month has been awful for me creativity-wise…

Later, all!

3 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. Ah, quiet isn’t always bad. 😉

    The gang hasn’t gotten together in a while… the next couple weeks are going to be stupid busy for me with end of term assignments and exams, but after that we can all get together at my place if people are interested. What do you think? What day would be best for you – I know you sometimes have a crazy work schedule…

  2. Saturday is definitely best for me, since my work week starts Sunday night at 11pm and ends Friday morning at 7:30am…

    But yes, we’ve definitely got to get together sometime soon. Sharon is thinking May 14th would be good for the writer’s group (myself, her, Scott, Paul, and possibly Chris) to get together, and most other weekends in May seem pretty full, so if there is a date in April that would be good…?


  3. Quiet?

    This month has been quiet? I thought you were going to be an aunt!!! That’s not quiet, that’s chaotic. Oh wait, it’s chaotic for me, not you. Miss you, love you, see you in May.


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