Sekirei Fic: A Brother’s Concern

So… this isn’t The Fanfic That Ate My Brain. That’s still a work in progress, and thanks to my new beta reader, what’s already written is also getting a serious overhaul. (Which is good, because it’s making the story better.) Nor is this one of the other two stories I started in July. No, this is the fourth Sekirei story I’ve started. It’s also the first one finished, because this is actually short.

Also cross-posting this to my accounts on FFNet and AO3.

Summary: The day after Homura’s winging, Mutsu receives some good news.

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#CampNaNoWriMo July 2014: The Fanfic That Ate My Brain

Well, it’s been a while. Haven’t meant to be absent from this blog for so long (again), but between the heat that has been hitting St. John’s (see all my previous complaints and rants about my allergy to heat) and getting caught up in the subject of this post, I’ve been more than a little bit distracted.

First of all, don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but I didn’t win April’s Camp NaNoWriMo. *shrugs* Again, various things happened, and Real Life interfered. Didn’t help that we were dealing with my housemates leaving, and two new housemates coming in (whom I admit I get along better with!). But, I did get some writing on It Came From the Library done, and I was determined to do better with this month’s Camp.

The story I chose to work on for this month was an original fic (naturally) called alternatively Seal Song or Selkie Maiden, based on the song “The Maiden and the Selkie” by Heather Dale. I’d already written the prologue, but figured it was easy enough to just remove that from the word count; and I knew how I wanted the first chapter to start out.

Well, I got off to a slow start – didn’t even start writing until July 7th, and ended up not writing anything July 9th and 10th due to horrendous headache attacking me out of nowhere the evening of July 8th.

Meanwhile, Vathara has been working on a Sekirei fanfic, and she was tossing lots of bio stuff and ideas with me, and while I was sick with the headache, she suggested that I read the manga. Heh. I’d already been intrigued by her descriptions of the character Kagari/Homura, especially the gender issues he experiences over the course of the series, and the manga just increased my fascination with him. So, the night of Friday July 11th, what should I end up doing but starting a Sekirei fic?

As the title of this post implies, that fic – titled “Fire and Flight” – rapidly began eating my brain. By (Thursday) July 17th, I’d already managed to write over 25,000 words, and brought my word count goal for the Camp back up to 50K words. And this past Wednesday (the 23rd) I reached 50,455 words just before midnight.

So, for the first time since I started doing the Camp, I am a Camp NaNoWriMo winner! Yay me! πŸ™‚

If you want to read a few more details about Sekirei and FaF, read on!

Saiyuki Fic: Entangled: Reload

Finally finished my (authorized) sequel to Vathara’s Saiyuki story Entanglements. If you haven’t yet readΒ Entanglements, I highly suggest you read it first, because what happens in Entangled: Reload relies heavily on the events of that story.

Summary: Sequel to Vathara’s “Entanglements”; takes place after Saiyuki: Reload Vol. 9. Hazel overhears the Sanzo-ikkou discussing his presence, and the fight with Ukoku. What are akuma, anyway? And… who is Gonou? And Kenren? Also, Hakkai and Sanzo discuss Heaven, and Heaven’s Plans. (Contains non-specific implications of Sanzo/Hakkai slash.)

Continue on to read!

General Update; and AO3

Been a while, huh? Well, couple of things to update.

First of all, unfortunately, didn’t complete Camp NNWM in July, either; ended up getting sick (again) and couldn’t focus. The fact that it was hot out (see my rant about heat and thermoregulation on my Other Blog) didn’t help in the least. I did get a bit more written, but not much. Oh well, it’s still an improvement over what I had at the beginning of the month.

Have spent the last two months mostly suffering from the heat, unfortunately, but things are getting a bit better (it’s been cooling down a bit). I’m kind of hoping it will stay at the mild temperatures for the next couple of months; that would be good!

Have started getting a bit of exercise; using Mom’s treadmill for 20 minutes three times a week (I’m up to covering a mile). That should help somewhat with the depression.

And I now have my fanfics available on Archive of Our Own (as well as! So if anyone doesn’t care to use FFNet, then I now have them available for you to look at on AO3! The link (aside from being in the first sentence of this paragraph) is also on my link page.

‘Later, all!

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(Long Overdue) Update

First of all, I apologize for the long (very long) delay in updating this LJ, not to mention the dearth of updates for several months before the last post. RL took over, in a rather unpleasant fashion, and this was one of the results.

So, a few different updates (long ones!)….

First of all, the major reason behind things:

Health Update: Depression and Nerve Damage (Unable to Walk = No Fun!)

Apologies, General Update & Fic Update to Come

First of all, my apologies to all who are interested in my LJ for the lack of posts over the last five-plus months; I’m afraid I’ve been dealing (not very well) with the aftermath of my end-of-October depression/apathy state, and it’s taken quite a while. I’ve managed to get some stuff done, but not nearly as much as I wanted to have by this point in time….

General Update:
– Had a very nice Christmas in St. John’s with my family plus my Mom’s extended family, but it was unfortunately a bit rushed (I was there for a total of four days). Got home to work and Toronto’s nasty winter setting in with a vengeance.
– Had my annual end-of-February/beginning-of-March trip to Costa Rica, and that was very enjoyable – will post more about that later, including a couple of pictures of Volcan Arenal. By that time, I desperately needed a break and the weather down there was pleasant (even if I was woken up at 6 every morning by the guys working on my parents’ house).
– While I was down in Costa Rica, my brother got engaged to his girlfriend; the wedding is at the beginning of August in St. John’s, in my aunt’s (previously my grandmother’s) garden. I’ve got the time off, and my sisters and I are the bridesmaids. Really looking forward to it, and very happy for Tony and Anna.
– Had a pleasant birthday last Saturday, but am still working with that stupid depression-aftermath. Starting to think that it may be time to either take some time off work and do the day thing for a while, or start looking for another job (I’d prefer not to do the latter, because I like my job and its benefits – but something has to change…).

Fic Update:
– First the really good news: I have a story in Chinook Vol. 7, an upcoming all-Supernatural zine from Blackfly Presses. Debut will be at MediaWest.
– Second, the equally good news (well, long-term, that is): I’ve got two original stories started, one a short story and the other a novel. I’m hoping to get some more work done on them soon.
– Third, posting news: Suddenly realized tonight that I’d never posted Chp. 4.4 of RuroBatt/Edge of the Blade – will be getting that done before leaving work in the morning. (Yes, it’s a fic post!)
– Fourth: Have been seduced by the fandom that is Detective Conan/Magic Kaito. As a result, have got… three stories that I’m working on in that fandom, one gen and two shounen-ai. Favourite characters: Edogawa Conan/Kudou Shinichi and Kuroba Kaito/Kaitou Kid.

Later, all!
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Fic Update

Yes, I actually have a fic update for you! *pauses as everyone falls down anime-style* *shakes head*

Chapter 4 of RuroSen #1: A Strange Partnership (the Rurouni Kenshin/Sentinel crossover) will be posted after I hear back from my beta-readers and make any recommended changes (definitely within the next week and a half).

Chapter 4 Part 4 of Rurouni Battôsai/Edge of the Blade will definitely be posted before I leave for my rapid Christmas vacation on Dec. 22. (At present I don’t know how long before – it will depend on a couple of things, including whether I can get any more of Chp. 5 written. Hiko’s being an even worse pain in the arse than usual *sigh*.)

Later, all!

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General & Fic Updates

Well, went and volunteered for the 12-hour Saturday shift this week (partly since I’ll be going to MediaWest*Con 26 next weekend, so off work for three shifts; and partly because we’re still two people short, though we have a new S/O starting next week). So I’m here at work, on the one Canadian long weekend of the school year that the boarders aren’t sent home…. *rolls eyes*

In general, I’ve been having a fairly good month. Starting with my birthday weekend (*g*), and then the fact that I’m managing to get some writing done.

And speaking of that….

I have finally, finally managed to get started on Chp. 5 of RuroBatt/Edge of the Blade – which I’ve been trying to do since… gah! October! In fact, got Part 1 of Chp. 5 written and finished yesterday morning.

Still working on those vignettes for ravenstormfire, merula31, and Anon. (So don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten….)

Getting some more work done on that odd SF RuroKen AU….

And in other news:

My youngest sister’s Commencement (graduation from the Bachelor’s program at Memorial University, St. John’s, NFLD) is on Wednesday. Parents are there, and she flew down (from here) on Friday. One of my cousins has her Commencement the same day, so it works out well.

Only 12 more days until the parents, middle sister and niece ZoΓ« come up to T.O. for the week. And that Saturday (two weeks from today) is for Mom & me to spend all on our own… I’m looking forward to that.


Later, all!

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Coming Soon…

As promised, I will be posting Chapter 2.3 of RuroBatt sometime later today (most likely this afternoon, as I may go to see “Sky High” beforehand). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to write much more of Chapter 3 this week, because Kenshin and SaitΓ΄ came up with a new (weird) idea they decided to try out, probably due to my exhaustion from the unexpected two longer shifts I had this week. And since Vathara likes it, and the two characters are getting a kick out of it, it seems I’ve added another RuroKen story to my “Works-In-Progress” collection… (It also means, unfortunately, that I haven’t got Chp. 1 of Correspondence, the sequel to my Harry Potter HBP story Missives, finished yet.)

The good news is that the rain we had on Wednesday morning managed to cool the temperature (mainly by reducing the humidex) down to a more livable level for Wednesday and yesterday (I was almost shivering while doing my outside patrol yesterday morning! It’s great! *G*), so I’ve even been able to turn off my A/C and open the windows to air out my apartment (and keep the cats happy). Fun, fun, fun! Been quite pleased about that.

Anyway, off to get some more work done… Later, all!

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Quick Fic Update – RuroBatt!

Just a quick note to anyone who is reading Rurouni Battôsai to say that you can expect Chapter 2.3 (Disruption) to be up some time this week.

Oh, and I’m probably going to start (slowly) posting RuroBatt to my FFNet account

Later, all!

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General (Well, Writing Mostly) Update…

Ah… cool weather. At last.

Yes, Toronto is finally having a bit of a break from the heat wave that is our (unfortunately) usual summer weather… Started yesterday, and is currently due to last until Saturday or Sunday. (Here’s hoping it lasts longer!)

Remember two weeks ago when I wrote down my list of goals for that weekend, among which was included: “Finish Chp. 4 of RuroSen“? Well, I didn’t get it finished that weekend (due mainly to the fact that I woke up after 1 p.m. that Saturday)… However, last weekend, despite the pleasant distraction of my Mom being in town, I managed to get it done. (There’s a reason I don’t mind taking buses and subways… the TTC [Toronto Transit Commission, for those non-Torontonians] is an excellent way to get writing done on the way to and from places.)

I’ve spent the past week doing revising and working on that nagging open question I mentioned in my post of June 24th, 7am. And I have finally got a solution to it, thanks it part to Vathara’s tireless efforts at figuring things out for me… (and also to my habit of thinking of story plot-lines while patrolling at work). So, with any luck, I’ll re-start posting RuroSen soon, and may even be able to go back to getting more work done on RuroBatt.

Oh, and went to see “Bewitched” last night with some of the TorFen/Blackfly Presses group (really got to get the Blackfly website updated!). To quote one of my friends, who came up with what I think is the perfect description for it: “It’s fluffy summer fun.” It’s an all-around amusing movie that isn’t terribly serious and that pays a rather interesting tribute to the original TV series.

Later, all!
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General & Fic Update…

Well, it’s a very pleasant day here – 17 Celsius, nicely warm (approximately 63 Fahrenheit, I believe). Went out to run an errand in short sleeves – very nice!

In terms of fic updates… *sigh* I should have learned with RuroBatt not to put up one chapter before I finished the next. News: The first chapter of RuroSen #1: A Strange Partnership has undergone a number of changes, some small, some (like the OCs’ names) not-so-small. I will be re-posting the edited version when I finish Chp. 2. (In which our favourite rurouni is currently being evil to a certain Wolf of Mibu… *g*)

Chapter 2, Pt. 2 of RuroBatt will be posted either tomorrow or Monday, depending on whether I get any more written tonight after they finish with RuroSen


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RuroBatt Update the Second…

Chapter 2 of Rurouni Battôsai has now been completed in rough draft! (Well, actually it was completed a bit over 4 hours ago, but I’ve been a bit preoccupied…)

Now, for Chapter 3…

(BTW, if anyone has any other suggestions for an alternate title, I’m still taking them!)

(Heading off to Kyoto via the Tôkaidô…)

FFNet – *sigh*

Well, had to remove “Here is Christmas” from my FFNet account, since it’s a songfic with the lyrics included… Might re-post it later if I find that it can work out without the lyrics.

Thanks for the head’s-up, merula31!

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RuroBatt & Life Update…

…Mainly RuroBatt, since that’s been what my life has been for most of the past week (aside from work, but that’s not as important… *g*).

The good news – I’ve finished Pt. 3 of Chapter 2. Soon as I finish this entry, I’m going to be going over all of what I have written of Chp. 2 so far for editing, then going on (most likely after my first patrol) to work on getting Pt. 4 (Departure) written. Things are looking good for beginning to post it at the end of this week, as promised…

In life… *sigh*

My birthday’s in a week. I still have no real idea what I want. Requesting dark curtains for my bedroom (seeing as how I have to sleep during the day, and the light makes it hard); gift cards from Chapters/Indigo (Canadian equivalent to Borders Books, for those south of the 49th parallel); made a specific request from my sister since she was living in Halifax and thus had access to a store that stocked said specific items; sent a location semi-specific request to my parents (seeing as how my sister is down there, and can bring back stuff when she stops over for a few days on Monday – she’s going to be here for my B-Day! For the first time since her first year of Uni!)… Other than that… I really don’t know. *sigh* I’ve always found wish lists hard, and they just seem to get harder and harder each year…

Anyway, that’s my rant over. I’m off to work on RuroBatt and keeping an eye on the cameras…


More Fic Details…

Well, I have good news for those who are enjoying RuroBatt – I managed to get Pt. 2 of Chapter 2 finished on Saturday, and got started on Pt. 3 of Chapter 2. If all goes well (*crosses fingers*) I hope to have Chapter 2 done, and Pt. 1 ready for posting, by the end of this week. And I’m told the latest bits feel real, which is excellent…

[Regarding Harry Potter and the Sensitive’s Gift and Eye of the Storm, so that the person who asked about HP&tSG will be assured of having a chance to get the answer, as well as anyone else wondering about either or both of those stories: Neither story has been abandoned, and I do fully intend on finishing them. Unfortunately, the Musae are in command of my ability to transfer creativity to paper (or computer screen), and at the moment, Kenshin and Saitô are holding the rest of them off. I don’t think even Voldie would be willing to face Saitô and Battôsai in a bad mood… Once the two of them ease up a bit, EotS and HP&tSG are definitely priorities. I’m really hoping it will be soon, because I don’t like leaving people hanging so long.]

Now, onward to May 14th, 1878…

Rambling On To My Favourite Topic…

It’s raining today; but despite the cloud cover, it’s not one of those gloomy, broody days… (Or, at least, it’s not for me – don’t know about hethosus and my darling youngest sib daphtpunk.) Instead, it’s one of those lazy days where you sit inside, nice and comfortable, listening to the rain falling outside, and relax.

My knees are feeling much better today (most likely thanks to the application of a coldpack and plenty of rest yesterday) though I still intend to see a doctor about them – don’t want to damage them any more than they are already through genetics…

And now, onto the subject of this ramble…

For the past two weeks with RuroBatt, I’ve been trying to write this conversation in Chapter 2.2. I had a general idea of what I wanted the conversation to be about when I started the scene, but it immediately took a different turn, going straight to the topic I had reserved for the end. So I shrugged and decided to go with it and see what it got me.

Well, what it got me was only being able to write a total of two paragraphs for said scene over the last week, despite being in a writing mood.

So this morning, I sat down with a pot of my favourite “tea to write by” (Twinings Blackcurrant, in case anyone’s curious), and a determination to do a thorough re-write of the scene, this time putting the topics of conversation in the order I wanted them to be in the first place.

Things seem to be going well thus far, although there’s been another slight shift in conversational direction…

Saitô’s being evil at the moment. (*wide evil grin*) Yep, they’re going well.

Later, all!
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Writing – Good!

Good news for everyone enjoying my Rurouni Kenshin fics – I’m finally getting some more written! Thanks go to Vathara, who has been very patient waiting for me to send the updates for beta-ing, and whose latest effort (I won’t spoil the surprise – but will rec it as soon as it’s up!) has provided me with the inspiration to get out of the slump I’ve been in and actually get some work done…


What Time Is It?

Time for another of tag’s weather rants!

Well, I assume most people have heard the saying that’s supposed to apply to March: “In like a lamb, out like a lion”? Unfortunately, I suspect that Canada’s (and Toronto’s in particular) weather systems have never heard it, because there are very few years I can remember that actually happening. And this definitely isn’t going to be one of them, considering that we’re currently experiencing a snowstorm…

*sigh* Oh, well… I can’t exactly do anything to change the weather (unfortunately), and I can’t go back to Costa Rica yet, so I’m just going to have to put up with it.

Now that that’s over with… In terms of fic, I haven’t been doing that much lately, I’m afraid (got the first 19 YYH DVDs two days after I got home from Costa Rica, and have been preoccupied with watching them), but I’m hoping to get back to work on them this week. Especially as I really need to get through Eye of the Storm and on to the sequel… (I’m going to be so ashamed at MediaWest this year, but there’s no way at this point that I’m going to be able to finish EotS and the sequel in time to get Dreams, Memories & Truths Vol. II published for May…)

Cute meme…

RuroBat Update the Second…

Well, I have now finished the rough draft of Chapter 1 of Rurouni Battôsai – at long last. And speaking of long… it’s about 18 pages in Word, single-spaced… I think it must be one of the – if not the – longest chapters I’ve ever written for anything…

However, please note that the above update very definitely reads ‘rough’. This is because I’m not sure if the last scene (the first half of the confrontation between Kenshin and Saitou at the dojo) works with my premise. Luckily, I’ve got Vathara going through it, so by the time I get it polished up (which hopefully won’t be too long – these particular Plot Bunnies really are quite demanding), it should definitely be up to spec.

Anyway, I’m tired and want to go to bed… so I’ll post more to you all later.


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Important Q & RuroBat/Plot Bunny Update…

Okay, first of all – the important question (which actually applies to Rurouni Battôsai, as it happens):
What’s a good restriction on the length of an entry/LJ-Cut?

To explain… the Prologue to Rurouni Battôsai is 5-1/2 pages long. So far, Chapter 1 is 12+ pages long, and it’s about 2/3 done (which, BTW, is part of the update mentioned in the subject…). So, do I post the entirety of Chp. 1 in one journal entry, or do I split it up so that the entries aren’t too long?

As for the rest of the update… Well, as mentioned in Friday’s entry, Saitou was being difficult, but finally started cooperating. I’d meant to get quite a bit written Saturday at work, but first I got distracted by The Japanese Experience: A Short History of Japan by W. G. Beasley (review coming when I finish)… and then Kenshin decided that since Saitou got to be difficult earlier, it was now his turn.

I finally got him cooperating with about an hour left of my shift… and neither of them has left me alone since then. (Which is how I’ve managed to get 7 pages written over the past 25 hours.) So I’m hoping that Chp. 1 will be done very soon…

Check It Out!

Well, my alter ego, bardd, has now posted the Gundam Wing stories written for the Slash Advent Calendar on LiveJournal and Fanfiction.Net – and this is me encouraging you to comment! They’re the first stories ever completed in GW, and Bardd wants opinions… (*g*)

Check It Out!

My alter-ego, bardd, has just had a Gundam Wing shounen-ai story – “Christmas Gifts”, a Heero/Duo story – posted on the Slash Advent Calendar. Check it out, and let bardd know what you think! (Please? It’s bardd‘s second story, and first GW one…)

Just be aware that you need a password to access the actual story.


Well, I’ve posted “The Pendant” on FF.Net… (URL is t.a.g.0’s FF.Net page) – we’ll see what comes of it. Here’s hoping people like it…

Got to get ready to go to work now. Don’t know why I’m so sleepy when I’ve had plenty the past two days, unless it’s the weather (from what I saw earlier, it’s raining, or has been). Weird. Would much prefer to be wide awake, especially when I want to get some work done on my stories… *sigh*.

Oh well. Will probably be posting a rant against Canada Post and possibly customs if the package I’ve been expecting to arrive for the past two weeks (ordered 3-1/2 weeks ago from California) doesn’t show up tomorrow. Or at least the delivery notice.