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As promised, I will be posting Chapter 2.3 of RuroBatt sometime later today (most likely this afternoon, as I may go to see “Sky High” beforehand). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to write much more of Chapter 3 this week, because Kenshin and Saitô came up with a new (weird) idea they decided to try out, probably due to my exhaustion from the unexpected two longer shifts I had this week. And since Vathara likes it, and the two characters are getting a kick out of it, it seems I’ve added another RuroKen story to my “Works-In-Progress” collection… (It also means, unfortunately, that I haven’t got Chp. 1 of Correspondence, the sequel to my Harry Potter HBP story Missives, finished yet.)

The good news is that the rain we had on Wednesday morning managed to cool the temperature (mainly by reducing the humidex) down to a more livable level for Wednesday and yesterday (I was almost shivering while doing my outside patrol yesterday morning! It’s great! *G*), so I’ve even been able to turn off my A/C and open the windows to air out my apartment (and keep the cats happy). Fun, fun, fun! Been quite pleased about that.

Anyway, off to get some more work done… Later, all!

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