Quick Update and 2020 Writing Goals (with #HabiticaResolutions)

So, came onto here to do this post, and was shocked to see that I haven’t posted to this blog since Nov. 2018. Whoof. More than a year has gone by!

So, a quick summary of the last year, and then the details re my goals for this year (which is what this post is meant to be about).

There have been a couple of posts over the last year over on tagÂûght, covering some autistic related stuff (and a neat pub that a friend of my youngest sister’s owns here in St. John’s). Other than that… overall it was a quiet year. My rheumatologist added another medication to help with the nagging pain still going on with my arthritis, I made a couple of new friends, starting using Habitica to build my good habits up, got a volunteer position (I just had my third shift today), and survived Snowmaggedon 2020! (76 cm – about 2-1/2 feet – of snow in 36 hours. 8-day State of Emergency. Imber was happy – I was inside for basically nine whole days, with a 10 minute outing on Day 7 and a 3 hour outing on Day 8 – but I have to admit I was starting to go stir crazy by then.)

Now, onto the important part ( πŸ˜‰ ) – my writing!

On to details about the writing Last Year and This!

#NaNo2018: Winner, Winner!

On a yellow backgroud, shows "2018" and "nanowrimo WINNER", then at the bottom of the banner has a table with (from left to right) a donut on a napkin, a mug with steam rising, a laptop computer with the screen showing "50K", a cup with pencils and a pen, and a pile of five books, laid one on top of the other.

The 2018 NaNoWriMo Winner Banner!

Apologies – I had meant to post more throughout the month, but it’s been a learning curve for me, and I’ve had a couple of downturns this month, for various reasons. (Have I mentioned how much I hate psoriatic arthritis? If not, consider it mentioned now.)

It’s really been a crazy month. I basically booked us/organized three write-ins a week, to try to make sure that everyone who wanted to make it to a write-in managed to do so. It was… less than successful in terms of that (other people showed up to about half of them), but successful in terms of allowing me to reach 50K! (Each day I had a write-in, my word count really picked up – more than the daily recommended dose of 1,667 words – which, since there were a few days where I wrote less than 100 words, really made an impact.)

I also had a number of issues with my characters throughout the month (*glares sharply at Jade*); they went in some weird directions. Which helped contribute to those days I wrote less than the daily recommended dose, because I was fighting for every sentence.

Read on for details!

NaNoWriMo 2013: NaNoWinNer!

I did it!

Yes, it’s the last day. (Having been suffering a nasty headache from Sunday night onwards that effectively kept me on bed rest Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday kind of ruined the “finish the 50K by the 25th” plan.)

But I did it. For the first time in three years, I have a purple word count slider! Check it out!

No, I didn’t get 100K (and I’m not about to, in the remaining 8-1/2 hours of November), but I won for the first time since I moved to NL. I’m fairly satisfied with that, to be honest.

Yay me! πŸ˜‰

NaNoWriMo 2013 Winner Cover Pic!

NaNoWriMo 2013 Winner Cover Pic!

NaNoWriMo 2013 Winner Square Pic!

NaNoWriMo 2013 Winner Square Pic!

‘Later, all!

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NaNoWriMo 2013: Week 3 Success!

And Week 3 of NaNoWriMo has provided my turnaround! While the weekend turned out to not be that good for writing, Monday I got about 6.1K words written, Tuesday (partly at the Second Cup on Stavenger Dr.) I got 6.2K written, and Wednesday I got over 4.4K written.Β  Yesterday I got very little written (480 words), but I was distracted with some other stuff, and also somewhat tired. Today, so far, I have written 3.6K, and my current total word count is 36,828 words. Today’s NaNoWriMo word count total goal is 36,667 words. In other words, I’m ba-ack! πŸ˜‰

2.9K of the words today were written at the Starbucks at Chapters on Kenmount (just past the Avalon Mall). While I don’t have a whole lot of fondness for Starbucks (versus Second Cup, Timothy’s World News Cafe – which seems to be unique to Toronto, or at least Ontario, of the places I’ve visited – and certain Tim Horton’s – there are some not-so-good ones here in St. John’s, including the one at Ropewalk Lane, which has no outlets, which prevented me from really joining in the mid-month NL get-together last Wednesday, since my computer needs to be plugged in!), that particular Starbucks is familiar, since it’s where the Scrabble group gathers on Wednesday mornings, and it’s a fairly good place for getting writing done.

Anyway, my next NaNo goal (aside from maintaining and/or surpassing my current average daily word count, of course) is to try, over the next 9-1/12 days, to reach close to 100K words (aka approx. 50K on each novel I’m working on). Doubt I’ll get there, but it’s always worth a try! πŸ™‚

And the other NaNo goal I’m working towards is to get a verified win on the first day available for checking, Monday – aka have 50K words written by Monday at midnight. Let’s hear it for crazy writing goals! πŸ˜‰

Either way, it looks pretty definite at this point that I will win this year, and I’m feeling rather good about that. It’s been a long two years with no wins, and I want to have my bar in purple again this year! πŸ˜‰

‘Later, all!

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[Edit 23:58 hrs.]Okay, total today was 5.2K words, and total word count was 38,429 words! Yay![/Edit]

NaNoWriMo 2013: Halfway Mark

So, we’re at the halfway mark of NaNoWriMo, and I… haven’t been doing as well as I hoped this year. (Still by far better than last year, of course, but not as well as I hoped.) The goal was to be at 25K words by midnight today (well, my goal was to be at 50K, but… meh), and I’m at… just over 14.6 as of 23:00 hrs.

This is, however, more than 1/4 of the ultimate word count goal, so I’m still counting it as a bit of a win that I can work with.

The problem is, I apparently hit the Week Two Doldrums a bit early. I think I’m getting out of them, but issues I’ve been having with the weather, lack of exercise (which ended Wednesday), and other stuff – including my re-discovery of Heather Dale, a wonderful Toronto musician who does Celtic ballad-style and SCA music – and a few other distractions, kind of dragged me down for a while there. (But, hey, on the plus side? I’ve now got some wonderful new music to add to my “Songs to Write By” playlists… and more stuff for my Christmas wish list! I may have downloaded HDale’s songs off YouTube, but I want to buy them legitimately. And check out Heather’s website – there’s even a free album download available! – and you can buy physical CDs or MP3s from there.)

So, back to my writing. Will be doing some word sprints this weekend and into next week, I suspect. But all is good.

‘Later, all!

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The Fox’s Journey & NaNo 2013

So, way back in 2009, I wrote a fantasy novel for NaNoWriMo. In fact, I wrote one and a bit – A Fox’s Fight (Book 1 of The Fox’s Journey), and the beginning of The Trickster’s Trade (Book 2 of The Fox’s Journey). It was fun; it involved a kitsune – Miyanobo Mayumi, or as we would say in the west, Mayumi Miyanobo – and a Detective Sergeant of the Metro Toronto Police Services Drug Squad – Darrel Greene – having to deal with a vicious new addictive drug that had been hitting Toronto’s streets… while Darrel didn’t believe in spirits, which was a problem, because the spirits were heavily involved.

It was a fun story to write, not the least because I got to play around with Toronto, but also because I got to explore some alienation issues (Mayumi has problems with her family / clan back in Japan, and problems with certain relatives in Toronto as well), and have fun playing around with making one protagonist a predator. *grins*

More on my writing, and what this has to do with the present….

NaNo-Noveling, Report #4

Surprised to see an update so soon after the last one?

Well, I’ve succeeded. I’ve finished The Fox’s Journey: A Fox’s Fight; which comes to 57,378 words.

Now it’s time to start working on the sequel, The Fox’s Journey: The Trickster’s Trade. Things are about to start getting interesting, as Raven remarked….

NaNo-Noveling, Report #3

And here we are, at the end of Week #2 of NaNoWriMo 2009.

And I’ve won.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

At the time of writing this, I have 50,495 words. With another half hour to go to type more.

And I’ve also discovered that The Fox’s Journey is, in fact, the title of a series. (Hopefully only a duology….) The current working title for this first book is: “A Vexing Vixen”. And it’s almost finished (I’d say I have about seven to ten more scenes to go, and some of those are small, less than a thousand words long scenes. Action scenes). I estimate I will be done either tomorrow (Sunday, the mid-point – yay, I got the goal before the mid-point!) or Monday.

At which point I start the second book of The Fox’s Journey: “The Trickster’s Trade”. (Yes, tag0 is in to alliteration at the moment.)

So my goal is now 100K words by the 30th. I did it before; I’m sure I can do it again.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that “A Vexing Vixen” is, literally, a skeleton of the story. I’ve got pretty much all the scenes I want, and I’ve got the important stuff (dialogue and some of the actions) in those scenes – but the extras, that help people visualize and inhabit the story – like the description – is missing. It’s interesting, and not something I’ve ever done before. And ironically, it’s sort of what you’re meant to do in NaNo, for the first draft. Get the skeleton of the story, and flesh it out for the second draft.

As I mentioned to Vathara, it’s definitely going to be interesting doing more fleshing out and less actual revising….

Anyway, if I want to get anymore written by midnight, which I do, I’d better get to it.

Hope those of you with whom I’m sharing the NaNo experience are all doing well!

Later, all!
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NaNo-Noveling, Report #2

Well, the first week of NaNoWriMo-noveling is over. As of yesterday, the Week 1 end point, I had 25,432 words. More than I had at that time last year, but not quite as well as I hoped – I didn’t get all that much done Friday, and then yesterday I wrote only a few hundred words.

But today was the Subway Writing Session for Toronto NaNo-ers, and I had a great time; finally got to see all those faces I missed from last year! (Well most of them.) And Errol, of course. (Toronto NaNo-er in joke, I’m afraid.)

But in other good news, the NaNoWriMo widgets are back! Check out my set (and my progress) at:
tag’s NaNoWriMo 2009 Progress Page!

I’m having a wonderful time; Mayumi and Darrel are reasonably cooperative characters (although Fox, Raven and Coyote are beginning to irritate me a bit with their interference), so they’re fairly easy to write, and setting it in Toronto is great fun. Darrel lives in my old apartment. Darrel’s sister’s family live in our old family house. And Mayumi’s Toronto relatives live in my new neighbourhood! It’s great fun writing places I know.

(And I’ve even got a number of scenes set where I work – wonder just how much you’d need to know about the place to guess where it is?)

Later, all!

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Time To NaNo!

Ah, NaNoWriMo hath begun! Hark to the sound of computer keys going, the scent of caffeinated drinks filling the air, and the sight of writers, busy as bees, typing away….

Finally got the explanation for exactly why a Trickster is on the Hero’s Journey last night during patrol (I was working an extra split shift), so I had a bit more to start out with than I was afraid I would. Which was a relief.

As of writing this, I’m at 1,943 words, over the first day’s goal (being 1,667 words). Going to keep writing for as long as I can tonight – I’d like to get as much written as I can each day, and hopefully beat out my record of last year – or at least equal it. Which might be harder than it was last year, since I’m working again – or it might be easier, because it gets my brain working, and generally from 9 to 11 at work there’s not much going on. (*smirk*)

Feel free to check out my NaNo profile at:
TrudyG’s NaNoWriMo Page
(Also linked from the sidebar.)

And just like last year, once they get the widgets up and running, I plan to have an update page on tag’s Library as well.

Wish me luck!

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