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Saiyuki Fic: Entangled: Reload

Finally finished my (authorized) sequel to Vathara’s Saiyuki story Entanglements. If you haven’t yet read Entanglements, I highly suggest you read it first, because what happens in Entangled: Reload relies heavily on the events of that story. Summary: Sequel to Vathara’s … Continue reading

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SaiyukiFic: Mine Pt. 1 (Sanzo/Hakkai pre-slash)

More fic for those Saiyuki 383 fans! Okay, this story is definitely all Vathara’s fault. I was re-reading “Entanglements” (great Sanzo/Hakkai story, especially with the weirdness – I recommend it highly!), and I got to the part where Hakkai throws … Continue reading

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