Update From TT20

Wow! Haven’t been posting all that much lately, but I have an excellent excuse – not only have I had to deal with the Rabid Plot Bunny (see previous post!), but I’ve been doing all the last minute preparation stuff that I needed to for TT20 (previously “Toronto Trek”). This year, I moved from the Con Suite (colloquially known as “Ten-Forward”) to Con Sales (the department that handles convention “swag” – things such as t-shirts and the like made specially for the convention), and was effectively promoted to department head, since both of the people who were doing it last year changed departments as well.

So, having occasionally wandered by the Con Sales table in previous years (usually on the way to the Dealers’ Room, which was pretty much the only time I got out of my room or Ten-Forward), my main concern was whether or not I would manage to sell all the t-shirts that I ordered, over and above the ones that the attendees pre-ordered when registering.

Turns out I needn’t have worried. The Dealers’ Room was open for 3 hours yesterday (the con officially opens at 6pm, and the Dealers’ Room is generally open from 6-9pm Fridays); by 8:30, we were mostly sold out. We currently, as of end of business today, have 4 small light t-shirts left. And as for the special anniversary lanyards that were done for our 20th anniversary… well, they were sold out by 8pm last night.

So, now we’re doing another print run of both t-shirts and lanyards. *rueful grin* My assistant and I have been accepting pre-orders all day. We’re having a great time!

Anyway, got to try to get the last of the Airwolf story out of that Rabid Plot Bunny, so I’ll post later….

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Toronto Trek Day 1 & Swordplay Workshop

Well, just finishing up on the first day of Toronto Trek (got to leave my post a bit early because I’m exhausted at the moment – going to bed pretty much as soon as I finish this post…).

Got to the hotel later than I originally intended, but in reasonably good time. Had the definite pleasure of seeing mickeyk there, whom I haven’t seen in person in over a year, due to various events and my strange work schedule; we had a pleasant (quick) takeout dinner in my room, and she’s going to be back on Sunday…

Then went to the Swordplay Workshop, and had a great time. It was only an hour, and we worked with sticks rather than bokken or shinai (partially because of the size of the room it was in), but it was great fun. Learned and practiced four attacks, a block, and a disarm, and were instructed on four or five other attacks and seven other blocks. All of which can be used with swords as well, as long as you’re careful not to touch the blade… Very enjoyable. Think I’m going to see if I can sign up for one of the other three (or possibly four) workshops that will be on this weekend (assuming I can get away from Ten Forward [the con suite] at any of those times). But even if I can’t, I really had a great time.

Then headed up and did my work at Ten Forward until exhaustion pushed me into needing to go to bed (which I still need to do… ASAP…). Going to be a big (and long) day tomorrow… (8:30am to 2:00am Sunday…).

Later, all!

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Toronto Trek & New Work Schedule…

Well, it’s only two days until the start of Toronto Trek 19… I’m looking forward to it! If anyone reading this happens to be attending, you’ll undoubtedly be able to find me in Ten Forward (the Con-Suite, Rm. 1157) most of the time, given that I’m partially in charge of that… Hope to see some friends there!

Currently bloody hot here… At 2am, it was 26°C, with a humidex of 32°C (that’s about 79°F and about 90°F, for those in the U.S.). That’s 2 AM! You know, about 5 hours after the sun set? And it apparently went up to at least 41°C (about 106°F) humidex this afternoon… Yuck!

Anyway, when I got to work, I found out that my supervisor has handed in her 2-weeks notice – she apparently got a better job. We were already looking for a replacement security officer for the day shift; now we’ve got to find a replacement security supervisor as well! Here’s hoping that whomever they get will be as easygoing for us security staff as I found my current supervisor to be…

As a result, however, schedules have changed. So starting on my shift the night of Monday, August 8th (to the morning of Tuesday the 9th), I’ll be working until noon (i.e. 12 hrs, or 12-1/2 hrs on Sunday nights), the same way I was two weeks ago, quite likely until we’ve got a new supervisor. Here’s hoping the temperature will go down to a more reasonable level, and whoever I’m working with during the mid-morning will be willing to do any necessary patrols… It’ll be nice for my bank account, but hopefully won’t last too long…

Later, all!

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