Update From TT20

Wow! Haven’t been posting all that much lately, but I have an excellent excuse – not only have I had to deal with the Rabid Plot Bunny (see previous post!), but I’ve been doing all the last minute preparation stuff that I needed to for TT20 (previously “Toronto Trek”). This year, I moved from the Con Suite (colloquially known as “Ten-Forward”) to Con Sales (the department that handles convention “swag” – things such as t-shirts and the like made specially for the convention), and was effectively promoted to department head, since both of the people who were doing it last year changed departments as well.

So, having occasionally wandered by the Con Sales table in previous years (usually on the way to the Dealers’ Room, which was pretty much the only time I got out of my room or Ten-Forward), my main concern was whether or not I would manage to sell all the t-shirts that I ordered, over and above the ones that the attendees pre-ordered when registering.

Turns out I needn’t have worried. The Dealers’ Room was open for 3 hours yesterday (the con officially opens at 6pm, and the Dealers’ Room is generally open from 6-9pm Fridays); by 8:30, we were mostly sold out. We currently, as of end of business today, have 4 small light t-shirts left. And as for the special anniversary lanyards that were done for our 20th anniversary… well, they were sold out by 8pm last night.

So, now we’re doing another print run of both t-shirts and lanyards. *rueful grin* My assistant and I have been accepting pre-orders all day. We’re having a great time!

Anyway, got to try to get the last of the Airwolf story out of that Rabid Plot Bunny, so I’ll post later….

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