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It’s been a busy few months, but none have been as busy as the last couple of weeks. I’m not only going through a “Workplace Essential Skills Program”, to help me find and land a job (I’m looking for an admin job, having worked as such in education and telecommunication), but I’ve also started putting a vague interest in 3D graphic design and digital art into practice.

I started with a program called Dundjinni, to develop maps for myself for my writing (and help friends by creating maps for their writing!). That led me to a 3D graphics program called DAZ Studio, which in turn led me to a huge digital art community.

And they’re great! I’ve got a free account at a site called Renderosity Art Community (see also the link in the sidebar), and I’ve got a gallery on there to which I can upload images I’ve created and photographs I’ve taken. One a day for the free account – but that’s fine.

In fact, my new default Userpic (see above/to the side) is taken from a self-portrait I did of myself and my cats (Aspen and Imber); the entire image – and one like it, as of this afternoon – is available on my Renderosity gallery (search “tag0”, or email me for the direct link).

I’m in love! *grin*

May end up posting more frequently now that I’m going to be having art as well as stories to get up. Which reminds me that I really need to get some more writing done…. *rueful grin*

Chat to you all later!

😉 tag0

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