…Babe, I Hate To Go…

Well, here I am, Aeropuerto Juan Santamaria, with an hour to go before official boarding time. Didn’t have to line up to get my exit stamp, as we got that done at the bank on Monday, and was through security like that *tag snaps her fingers*.

Do, however, have some seating irony…

The Air Canada Airbus 319 that does the direct route from Toronto Pearson to San José(/Alajuela) Juan Santamaria has an amazing amount of leg room. Being over 6 foot, with most of that height in my legs, that is an important factor for me.

On my flight down, I ended up in the window seat of the exit row, 17A, which doesn’t actually have a seat directly in front of it (just the exit door). It made it a bit awkward to get access to my carry-on.

Mom asked me whether I wanted an exit row seat (in which case, she said we would have to be at the airport at about 11:30, which would have meant leaving at 10:45), and I said no, because of the awkwardness of carry-on access and the fact that there’s no need of that seat for leg room. So we ended up getting to the airport just after noon.

Guess which seat I have?

17F. Exit row window.

*tag glances around her Plot Bunny Corral to see Saitô and Snape laughing their heads off*

Oh well…

Later, all!

😉 tag0

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