Here and There Stories: Camp NaNoWriMo July ’13 #2

Was thinking this morning while supervising the New Beginnings students working on their resumes, and came up with some of the stories I’d like to include in Here and There. So, here you go – let me know what you think of the ideas!

Titles are working titles only:

“Meet the Parents”: Ryuu’s parents come to visit, summer after SaR.

“Christmastime”: Brendan and Ryuu visit Brendan’s sister Myrna, her husband David and her daughter Zoe, the Christmas between SaR and LaF.

“First Day”: Comparing Ryuu and Brendan’s first days at the Psi Academy.

“Ghost of the Library”: The story behind the Ghost of the Library in the Psi Dept. Academy.

“That Damned Cat!”: Commander Marchand’s first encounter with Brightspot.

“Grand Disaster”: The first Search and Rescue mission Brendan and Ryuu work on as partners.

“Allison’s Attack”: Exactly what did happen to Allison Forbes when she was attacked on the return trip with the data Ryuu gave her?

And others….

😉 tago

[Edited July 02, 2013: Added “Allison’s Attack” to story list.]

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