12%: Camp NaNoWrimo July ’13 #4

Unusual post title, I know. But I’m proud of the fact that I’ve managed to reach 12% of my word count goal today; I’ve got 5,590 words of 45,000 written. Yay me!

Today writing just started bursting out of me. I’ve added a bit to “First Day: Ryuu”, and I’ve gotten good starts on “Allison’s Attack” (the new story, which takes place during Search and Rescue), “Meet the Parents”, and “Grand Disaster”. Chatting with Vathara enabled me to figure out exactly what was the disaster in “Grand Disaster”; introducing underwater habitats and terrorists! That’s one story I clearly want to tell, because I was banging away on it without distraction for a while.

I’m just pleased, practically bouncing with happiness. I’m further ahead than I need to be for Day Four, and it’s only Day Two!

Depending on what happens in Week 2, I may even end up re-setting my word count goal to 50,000 – the usual NaNoWriMo goal. We’ll see what happens. But I’ve got an excellent start.

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