Countdown to Costa Rica: 2…

36 more hours until my flight… *bounces excitedly* I can’t wait!

And to make things even better (*knocks on wood*) my cold is much better. Not gone, yet, but definitely better than it was over the weekend.

So, all I’ve got left to do is pick up the stuff I’m bringing down for the parents (tomorrow morning after work); laundry; and packing. The cats are being taken care of by my (adopted) uncle, who stopped by this evening to be introduced to Aspen and confirm he had my keys…

And just one more work shift. To make things even better, there’ll be no brats in the morning! It’s their 4-day mid-term break starting tomorrow, so none of them will be coming in… (Which also means I don’t have to outside to unlock the portables in the morning – yay!)

Later, all!

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