General & Fic Update…

Well, it’s a very pleasant day here – 17 Celsius, nicely warm (approximately 63 Fahrenheit, I believe). Went out to run an errand in short sleeves – very nice!

In terms of fic updates… *sigh* I should have learned with RuroBatt not to put up one chapter before I finished the next. News: The first chapter of RuroSen #1: A Strange Partnership has undergone a number of changes, some small, some (like the OCs’ names) not-so-small. I will be re-posting the edited version when I finish Chp. 2. (In which our favourite rurouni is currently being evil to a certain Wolf of Mibu… *g*)

Chapter 2, Pt. 2 of RuroBatt will be posted either tomorrow or Monday, depending on whether I get any more written tonight after they finish with RuroSen


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