General (Well, Writing Mostly) Update…

Ah… cool weather. At last.

Yes, Toronto is finally having a bit of a break from the heat wave that is our (unfortunately) usual summer weather… Started yesterday, and is currently due to last until Saturday or Sunday. (Here’s hoping it lasts longer!)

Remember two weeks ago when I wrote down my list of goals for that weekend, among which was included: “Finish Chp. 4 of RuroSen“? Well, I didn’t get it finished that weekend (due mainly to the fact that I woke up after 1 p.m. that Saturday)… However, last weekend, despite the pleasant distraction of my Mom being in town, I managed to get it done. (There’s a reason I don’t mind taking buses and subways… the TTC [Toronto Transit Commission, for those non-Torontonians] is an excellent way to get writing done on the way to and from places.)

I’ve spent the past week doing revising and working on that nagging open question I mentioned in my post of June 24th, 7am. And I have finally got a solution to it, thanks it part to Vathara’s tireless efforts at figuring things out for me… (and also to my habit of thinking of story plot-lines while patrolling at work). So, with any luck, I’ll re-start posting RuroSen soon, and may even be able to go back to getting more work done on RuroBatt.

Oh, and went to see “Bewitched” last night with some of the TorFen/Blackfly Presses group (really got to get the Blackfly website updated!). To quote one of my friends, who came up with what I think is the perfect description for it: “It’s fluffy summer fun.” It’s an all-around amusing movie that isn’t terribly serious and that pays a rather interesting tribute to the original TV series.

Later, all!
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