My grandmother passed away this afternoon.

We knew it was going to happen – despite my hopeful message of Thursday morning, they discovered when they ran the EEG that the right side of her brain was entirely destroyed, and the left side was damaged, so my Mom and her sibs were trying to get her moved into palliative care (what they do for terminal cancer patients) because Granny would never have wanted to be kept alive as… well, a vegetable, essentially.

The next few days are going to be hard. There may end up being some rather sad fic written because of it… writing tends to act as a catharsis for me.

I’m just glad that I managed to get down here, and was able to see her – and she knew I was there. It counts for a lot.

Just wish Brightspot was still alive – hugging her always made me feel better. I’m missing her more now, because I could really use her help to deal with this; she’d always let me cuddle her, and cry into her fur, and she’d purr to help…

Got to at least get the worst of the tears over with before Mom gets back – she’s going to need me.


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