GW: Canon & Fanon

Came up with this idea on the way home from work – and me being me (i.e. occasionally somewhat obsessive/compulsive), I had to get started on it immediately.

It was prompted by a story I started reading on FFNet (not mentioning which one – but not belonging to anyone listed as ‘Friends’), which had the usual fanon element of all five pilots being together in a safehouse during the first Eve War. I’ve seen a lot of these, and I’ve generally managed to ignore the fact that having that happen is completely incompatible with canon (assuming it’s either a very good story, or described as being definitely AU). This time, however – perhaps because I was so tired – I couldn’t seem to ignore it, and it bugged me all the way home. Then the idea hit, and voilà!

Got a fairly good start on it, I think, with the three major timeline/war elements fanon vs. canon stuff almost completed, and a few things about the characters… I’m even adding a section on differences between the series anime and the series manga! (See first paragraph for my nature when I get my teeth into something like this.)

However, I am now really, really tired, and as I still have the plans mentioned in the previous post to worry about, I’m going to bed.

I’ll post the URL of the GW: Fanon vs. Canon page as soon as I get it completed.

Later, all!

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