More Dragons! (A Whole Weyr!)

Okay, this is going to be my main post dealing with my dragons (though you can always go through the link to the side to check them out); as I get more, I’ll update this post with the details.

So, we now have a fourth trio formed, as well as a pairing… and I’ve got a few more females, which is all to the good! Not to mention a youngster from two of the oldest trio, and an egg from the third trio….

Primary Trio (my favourites, but don’t tell any of them! *g*):

Gluhend (m), a Sunset Dragon, who’s a bit of a smart-ass.
tag0's Gluhend

ChenXi (f), a Magi Dragon who doesn’t let the other two (or the older trio) push her around. Very strong-willed, is our ChenXi.
tag0's ChenXi

Shuurai (m), a Grey (Storm) Dragon (whom I have to admit was my original favourite) who considers himself the leader of the trio, and of the rest of my lair as well….
tag0's Shuurai

Secondary (and Older) Trio:

Cat-Friend (m), a Frilled Dragon who is the oldest (earliest hatched). So named because the cats loved when he moved his frills to entertain them! (Like all dragons, his skin was very strong, so he could survive the pouncing.)
tag0's Cat-Friend

Aciella (f), a Purple Dragon who was the first to reach adulthood. She claims that gives her seniority – which she uses simply to get the best sun-basking spots.
tag0's Aciella

Torobi (m), a Red Dragon who is the main hunter for the lair. Despite the reputation of Red Dragons, he’s the coolest head in the lair as well.
tag0's Torobi

Third Trio:

Bujitaihei (m), a Mint Dragon who tends to act as the unofficial counselor of the lair.
tag0's Bujitaihei

Illiona (f), a White Dragon, acts as Bujitaihei’s aide and the healer of the lair.
tag0's Illiona

QingShui (m), a Water Dragon. Good thing I’ve got a lake just outside lair that he could go live in! QingShui is excellent at hunting fish – which ChenXi and Shuurai both appreciate!
tag0's QingShui

Fourth Trio:

Juuoujizai (m), a Whiptail Dragon, has a bad habit dashing this way and that, and never getting anything he wants to done (thus his name)!
tag0's Juuoujizai

LanBaoShi (f), a Skywing Dragon, is continuing to race Juuoujizai, and has encouraged Bewolkter to join in. She’s started winning some of the races!
tag0's LanBaoShi

Bewolkter (m), a Grey Dragon, has settled now somewhat with LanBaoShi and Juuoujizai. He continues to look up to Shuurai (which feeds Shuurai’s attitude about being leader!).
tag0's Bewolkter

First Pairing:

AnDomhan (m), an Earth Dragon, has the spot the deepest within the cave system for his personal lair. He’s quiet, but tricky – watch out for those pebbles!
tag0's AnDomhan

Slanaigh (f), a Guardian Dragon, is an adventurous soul, but doesn’t wander too far from the lair, as she considers it her duty to protect all members of said lair.
tag0's Slanaigh

The Youngers:

Schweber (m), a Balloon Dragon, is not often within the lair; he likes bouncing about and visiting others!
tag0's Schweber

Ruckenflosse (m), a Dorsal Dragon, is still following Cat-Friend everywhere, for some reason.
tag0's Ruckenflosse

XiYang (m), turned out to be a Sunset Dragon, not a Sunrise as I thought it would. *shrug* It’s taken to pouncing on Gluhend and Schweber at unexpected moments.
tag0's XiYang

WanXia (f) is a Red Dragon (like Torobi). She seems to have developed a connection to XiYang….
tag0's WanXia

Deimhin (f), is a Pink Dragon. She enjoys watching over the hatchlings and eggs.
tag0's Deimhin

XiaLing (m), a Seasonal Dragon, Summer Variant, has taken to joining Aciella and QingShui outside the lair in the best sunning spots near QingShui’s lake.
tag0's XiaLing

Nioisumire (f), is the child of Torobi and Aciella. Although she takes after Aciella in breed, her personality is a match to Torobi’s.
tag0's Nioisumire

The Hatchlings and Eggs:

JingYing (f), is a young translucent dragon (not sure of what her breed is called yet). She enjoys hanging around Nioisumire and Deimhin, who were hatchlings when she was first hatched.
tag0's JingYing

AislingNoYume (f), is a young Daydream Dragon. She tends to hang around Bewolkter, for some odd reason….
tag0's AislingNoYume

Egg#1 looks like it will be a rare Two-Headed Dragon! I’m looking forward to welcoming one of that breed to my lair.
Adopt one today!

Egg#2 is the child of Illiona and QingShui, and looks to be taking after its mother in terms of breed….
Adopt one today!

Edited: July 29/09 for new eggs and status changes.

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