#NaNo2018: Creative Anticipation

Well, here we are at less than 5 hours away from the start of NaNoWriMo 2018, and I’ve spent the last three days with the feeling that I always associate with anticipation, usually involving something creative (or presents, I usually got it when I was about to start opening presents as well, as a child and teenager). I’ve always called it “butterflies in my stomach”, because it’s pretty much exactly how that metaphor/expression is defined: a fluttery feeling in one’s stomach. (I just looked the expression up – admittedly on Wikipedia/Wiktionary – and apparently it’s a physical expression of an adrenaline surge, the fight-or-flight response. Weird. Maybe it’s my autistic/alexithymic confusion of emotion and physical reactions, rather than what other people call “butterflies in the stomach”?)

This year is extra special to me, because for the first time, I am an official Municipal Liaison for my region (Canada :: Newfoundland – which does include Labrador, I believe, but it’s not listed in the region title).

NaNoWriMo's 2018 Municipal Liaison Logo: shows a cursive font of "NaNoWriMo" at the top, then a double line with "2018 Municipal Liaison" dividing the top from the bottom, and then from right to left, a tea cup, a slice of pizza, and a crossed pencil and pen; all in white on a dark blue background.
NaNoWriMo’s 2018 Municipal Liaison Logo

Plus I’m working on a book cover for one of crossoverqueen’s novels. As a result, the creative anticipation explained in the first paragraph has also led to some insomnia. Which… well… I guess I can consider it research for this year’s story – see below!

So, on to details about this year’s story!

I’m sort of going back to an idea I had and bounced with the aforementioned friend back for 2010’s NaNoWriMo (wow, that was a while ago!), before deciding to work on the sequel to Search and Rescue instead. And, as last year was science-fiction, this year is going to be fantasy.

The title is The Dreaming Pools (or at least that’s the working title) and the summary is as follows:

There Are Dragons In The Swiss Alps!

No, Really!

Well, yes, there are. Or at least there’s one dragon. One thoroughly pissed off dragon, who doesn’t like humans anyway, but really isn’t happy that humans have disturbed Something on another layer of existence because of tunnel digging.

Something that is Hungry.

Something that Eats Dreams.

(Which kills people.)

And to make things worse, one dragon can’t banish the Something again alone. Not even an extended flock of dragons could banish it. It needs a human to remove its influence from our layer of reality.

Only where can he find a human he can get along with, who won’t fall prey to the Eater Of Dreams?

Yes, poor Branwulf. Heh. *evil grins* Yeah, there’s a reason that I’m calling my periods of insomnia due to creative anticipation “research”.

My usual NaNo web page on my site will be updated by midnight NDT tonight… probably within the hour. And like last year, I will try my best to update this blog weekly on my NaNo stuff (the health stuff I was fighting with and the happy family stuff from this summer can wait to be posted until December).

‘Later, all!

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