NaNo Milestone #3 (or was it #4?)

Well, I hit another NaNoWriMo milestone today – 30,000 words. I’m now at 31,185 words total… and the plot lead-in has changed on me. Not entirely unexpectedly (I’ve been suspecting something’s up for the last few days), but it means that rewrites are going to have to happen on the first three chapters (possibly in December – or earlier, if I make my daily quota early in the day). Luckily I can keep most of the basics, it’s just the details that are going to have to change.

Why oh why are characters so willful?

(Yes, Ryuu, I know it will make a better – not to mention more plausible – story. And yes, Brendan, I know that it means you don’t have to come over the ogre in the first bit. *sigh* Characters. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.)

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