NaNo-Noveling, Report #1

Well, it’s been three days of NaNo-noveling, and I have an excellent report to make.

The daily word count goal (in order to reach the 50K words by November 30th) is 1,667 words.

So far, in the first three days, I’ve averaged more than 4,800 words per day. I’m currently sitting at a whopping 14,654 words, which means I’m 29% done! (At least, for the 50K word goal. I’m not sure how long my actual novel will be. But if I do happen to finish it before the end of November… well, I’ll do what everyone else does, and start another one! But that’s pushing ahead a bit far, given the third day has only just finished.)

So, I’m understandably quite pleased with myself, patting myself on the back and all that. You see, the best part is, during the quiet time at work… I can write!

Which does mean that starting Thursday for a week (the weekdays only) my word count might go down somewhat, because I’m going to have to do some of the patrols, since my usual partner is going on vacation. But that’s okay, because I’m confident I can still make the minimum count of 1,667 words per day. *g*

Anyway, I’ve now got to transfer the scenes I’ve finished from my NEO to my computer, then I’ve got to go to bed, so everyone, I hope you’re having a good night, and three cheers for any of you who are joining me (or whom I’m joining) in NaNo-ing!

Later, all!
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