NaNoWriMo 2010 Update #4

(#3 having been the report of the Overnight Writing Session I put out this morning.)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have made my partway goal. I was determined to have 70,000 by midnight tonight, and guess what? I got it just before the clock hit the half hour. My word count now stands at a very respectable 70,015 words. Along with the fact that I have written more words in the past 25 hours than I thought possible.

Since about 2230 hours last night (aka 10:30 pm), I have written a whopping 15,800 words; 12,870 of those words since midnight. I have never written that many words in a period of less than two days before (and that’s been only in the rush up to the end of NaNo).

And what is in my opinion even more amazing, is that I barely touched the story from the time I got home from brunch (at approximately 12:30) and an hour ago. (Not that I was sleeping, unfortunately; I really should have been, but something else occupied my attention.)

So anyway, for those interested in the actual story I’m writing (*grins*), I’m almost at the end of the first half of the story, with some of the bad guys getting caught. But Brendan and Ryuu are still going to have to deal with not only Ryuu’s family (some of whom are not quite as pleasant as Ryuu remembers them), but also the Big Bad coming their way. *smirks evilly at Brendan, then ducks away from Ryuu’s knives*

So… unless I really put my nose to the grindstone this week and crank out 5,000-10,000 words a day (which is not terribly likely), I don’t think Lost and Found will be finished by the end of November. I’m going to try, but I’ve learned not to guarantee things. It only leads to unreasonable expectations and disappointment.

Of course, there’s still just over a week – 9 days – left, and you never know what could happen. I’m getting into scheduling my time better these days (for a whole bunch of reasons), so I’m planning to work on NaNo from the late afternoon all the way to bedtime every day. We’ll see what happens.

Going to go bask in my achievement of 70K….

‘Later, all!

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