NaNoWriMo 2011: Wild Hunt

And just because I have this insane need to share my stories with the world, here are the current synopsis and excerpt of my NaNo 2011 novel, Wild Hunt. (Making it fairly obvious what my question about “Seleighe” vs. “Seelie” was about…. 😉


Allan is a Hunter – of vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures that prey on humankind. Ivy (Yvandrila Starfire) is one of the Fae – of a Minor House who has a huge interest in humans and human culture.

Hunters believe that the Fae are truly fairy stories, ones that do not exist in the world of supernaturals that they deal with. Fae ignore humans as being barely more than children, ignorant of their betters and more arrogant than they deserve to be. Unseleighe are the Fae out of humanity’s nightmares.

When Hunter and Fae collide, and the Unseleighe take the field, who wins will help determine the future of humankind.


Ivy headed back to the counter.

When she got there, Suzanne was back.

“What were you doing?” Ivy hissed at her. “I had to come out to help a customer.”

Suzanne blinked at her. “It’s part of your job too,” she pointed out. “And I wasn’t skipping or anything, I had to help a different customer.” The girl sighed. “I don’t know what the boss thought he was doing with this new organization scheme, but I really don’t think it’s working too well.”

Okay, that was an excusable reason for Suzanne not to have been at the counter. Mr. Bailey’s new organizational scheme for the books was proving to be an issue, especially with students who’d been at Dalhousie for more than a year.

“All right, you’re forgiven,” Ivy declared, shaking her head. “I just….” She hesitated, then gestured at her legs with her cane. “I prefer to sit down as much as possible right now.”

“You never told me what happened,” Suzanne mentioned, as she pulled the stool out from behind the counter and shoved it in Ivy’s direction.

That’s because you’d never believe me, Ivy thought wryly, remembering the confusion of levinbolts, swords, and blood that had been the mess she’d stumbled into a fortnight ago. Thorn curse those idiots for doing that in the middle of the campus….

“It’s a long story,” she replied instead, sitting down. Suzanne, despite the pretty ditz appearance, was a hard-headed engineering student, who firmly did not believe in magic or mysticism. “I don’t like to think about it.”

Which was also true. Ivy had only minimal magics, just enough to protect herself in the middle of a magical battle. And considering she’d been trying to protect others instead, well… she hadn’t been able to protect herself when the levinbolt had slammed into her back. It had only been the fact that it had been reflected off the ground, reducing the amount of force behind it, that had kept her from being either fully paralyzed or killed. Not something she liked to remember.

“Have you seen a doctor about it yet?” Suzanne persisted.

The other girl was rather nice, for a hard-headed human, but there were times when her concern could drive Ivy up the wall. This was one of them. “I don’t need to see a doctor,” she repeated, for the fifth time in the last week.

“There’s nothing any of them could do for me, and they can’t tell me anything I don’t know.”

Namely, that it would be several months before her legs (and spine) recovered from the damage done.

“What about a physiotherapist?” Suzanne persisted. “They might be able to help you get better faster. And what if there’s something you don’t know, some extra damage you haven’t realized you have?”

She’s a friend. She’s trying to help, Ivy reminded herself, doing her best to keep herself calm. Suzanne was just being helpful and concerned, she was not ‘overstepping her bounds’. It was times like these, when her heritage came to the fore, that Ivy wondered if she was ever going to succeed in living properly in the human world, and she remembered her brother’s admonishments.

But he’s wrong, I can do it. I have so far, and I’m sure humans also have moments of irritation like this, Ivy told herself firmly. She was not going to doubt herself now, not after going to so much trouble to establish herself here in Halifax and at the university. Not even when she ended up in the middle of a duel between some bravos of the Seleighe Court.

“I’ll be fine,” she assured Suzanne confidently. “I know what’s wrong, and there really isn’t anything that can help it get better faster.”

Nothing except Seleighe Healing, and she was not going to return to the Court where she was routinely looked down upon just to take advantage of a Healer’s presence. It was annoying, but she would cope – and it was far less dangerous to her if she coped, than if she swallowed her pride and went crawling back to her family and the Court. Though she didn’t think Suzanne would understand that, any more than she would understand what it was that had happened to Ivy to cause this.

Note: All contents of the synopsis and excerpt are copyright © Trudy Goold, 2011.

Good night, all! Talk to you later!
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