NaNoWriMo Doth Again Approach!

As we enter October, all over the world, hundreds of thousands of hopeful novelists are preparing for the sheer brutality and caffeine-fueled madness that is National Novel Writing Month. This number includes yours truly.

Last year, I did an SF story and won by having over twice the required wordcount (as well as actually managing to finish the story – which is, after all, one of the points of NaNoWriMo). That story is currently in revision, with the first edits done up to Chp. 5. (It’s getting extensively revised. Like change of major sub-plots revised.)

This year, I’m doing fantasy – and thanks to Vathara, have finally settled on which of the many plot-bunnies bothering me to do. Not surprisingly, it’s a very contradictory plot-bunny, being a fox. Specifically a fox-spirit – a kitsune, a fox that can take human form (if not completely accurately) and has a very long life. This is going to be interesting, because it’s going to happen in the modern era. And at the moment, I have a total of three pieces of information about this story.

– High Falutin’ Summary: A trickster undergoes the Heroes’ Journey.

– Low Falutin’ Summary: A series of events create chaos that brings a young kitsune to centre stage.

– Favourite Quote: “Oh, Inari! I’m a kitsune, not a samurai!”

*snrk* So, there you have it. Everything I know about my NaNo09 story in one easy posting. 😉 Time to explore my fascination with tricksters!

Later, all!

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