Short Staff = Longer Hours

Well, I’m staying about 2-1/2 hrs. late at work again, due to the fact that our front steps are still under repair, so one person (me, in this case) has to remain at the main security station (just inside the front entrance), and one person has to be at the door that’s acting as the front entrance.

Again, it’ll help with my paycheck. And maybe I’ll actually manage to get 8 hours of sleep this afternoon!

Oh, and just in case people didn’t notice (because I added another post shortly after it), I’m reiterating my question regarding the posting of Chp. 2, Pt. 4 of RuroBatt(/Edge of the Blade): Would you like me to post it now, or would you prefer to wait until I finish writing Chp. 3? (Just as an extra note, I’m on the second half (Pt. 3, to be exact) of Chp. 3…)

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