*sigh* Work… & Misc.

Well, one of my colleagues is currently sick with the flu (hopefully only the 24 hr. variety), so I have to stay until about noon. One of those 12-1/2 hr. work days, and unfortunately I didn’t get more than about 5 hrs. of sleep yesterday… *sigh*

Going to sleep long and hard as soon as I get home…

In other news, I’m finding that air conditioners and fans are so not good for my jaw/TMJ… Having the air blowing directly on my jaw joint makes things hellishly painful. Which means that I’m quite likely going to have to rearrange my living room, because I can’t move my A/C… (However, I’m very glad to actually have A/C. I’d much rather have to rearrange my living room than be without air conditioning during a Toronto summer, particularly this one.)

Okay, rant over now…

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