Ugh. Hand Is A Problem.

Well, in my last post (March 3rd), I said I was working on writing 25,000 words of the SF novel I’m working on by the end of the month, and also promised updates. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, for a very simple reason.

I’m right-handed, and I can barely use my right hand.

Way back the end of December (literally – it was 1 minute past midnight on Dec. 31st) I was on patrol when I slipped on a patch of slick-smooth ice and went down. The heel of my right hand hit first.

Originally, we thought it was muscle strain. It got better for two days, then reached a plateau for the pain. I had x-rays two weeks after (which is actually indicated for hairline fractures – according to an orthopedic trauma surgeon that was consulted – see below – hairline fractures show between 10 and 15 days after the incident that caused them), and nothing showed up.

So when I went down to Costa Rica, my mom brought me to see her physiotherapist (who happens to be a Doctor of Physiotherapy, with a specialty in hands) to see about it. She had me spend a weekend (Fri. Feb. 29 to Mon. Mar. 3rd) working my hand, rather than babying it, to determine the details of the pain. (Thus the writing spree that prompted my last post.) I had another set of x-rays, which she brought to the aforementioned orthopedic trauma surgeon to consult about, and it was determined I didn’t have any hairline fractures, though the pain fit with that diagnosis. I then got ordered to immobilize my hand and ice it 4-5 times a day for a few weeks, to bring down the swelling (which still hasn’t disappeared completely), thus no writing. I can use my left hand, but it’s slow – and certainly not up to the speed of my thinking when I’m writing. *sigh*

Anyway, we’re still not sure what the problem is (four and a half months later… at least I have some previous experience with waiting for a diagnosis). I have an appointment with a rheumatologist (who, aside from rheumatoid arthritis, specializes in muscles, ligaments and tendons, for those who were unaware – like I was, before I looked it up) the end of May. (Usually I have a certain liking for the Canadian Health Care system, but not when I’m in semi-constant pain and still have to wait months before I can see the specialist.)

Anyway, that’s the latest issue of my RealLife. *sigh*

On a happier note, here’s wishing my brother a Happy Birthday (as well as ) and good luck with his first child, who’s due in less than a month!

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