Weekly Update – Friday Sept. 23/11

Because this past week was so busy, and I recorded most things, I’m going to put it behind an LJ Cut.

Nothing much happened on Saturday and Sunday, except that Saturday both Mom and I got library cards at the A.C. Hunter Library in the Arts and Culture Centre, and we discovered that the Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries have an e-library! That was a fun discovery. Then I ordered some more books via Chapters/Indigo thanks to gift cards (got by Aeroplan Miles) on Sunday.

Monday I was rather tired in the morning, but made it into work with no real problem. Yawned my way through the morning part of the training class, then we had our second weekly assessment test Monday afternoon. Once again, I managed to score 100%, though for some reason the system didn’t record my score. *sighs* Well, Heather said she’d look into it. She got to see what my score was, at least, so that’s fine. Then we had some brainteasers… fun!

Monday night, I babysat Julia while Tony and Anna went out for a movie. She was already in bed when I came over, so all I really had to do was sit and chat on my computer to Vathara. 😉 Although they were out until 11:45, and I had to be up at 6:50 to go to work in the morning. See below.

Tuesday… huh. What to say about Tuesday? Gloomy day (though the rain all happened while I was at work, not during my walk to or in the drive back from work), and I was just wiped. I stayed exhausted (and unfortunately, mostly unfocused) through to about 1:45 in the afternoon, which was when we started a new exercise in class, and that got things moving, made me more aware.

Evening was pleasant enough – Daphne popped by after dinner with Frank and Carol and the girls. And Mom called the Premier’s office about the situation with her rheumatoid arthritis – the rheumatologists haven’t even decided whether or not they’re going to see her, much less when it will be. If need be, she’s going to go down to Costa Rica to see Manley – she’s already emailed him – but maybe the premier’s office will be able to do something.

Wednesday was a fairly good day. I went to sleep around 10, so when I woke up at 6:50 in the morning, I was fairly awake. Stayed awake and aware all through class, which was good. Came home, and I’d received one of my latest book orders, which included two wonderful reference books: All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome, a hilarious picture book that has a wonderful description of Asperger’s, and looks at the positive side, and Asperger Syndrome and Anxiety: A Guide to Successful Stress Management, which is a great book. Read through it Wednesday night.

Made oriental chicken with cashews for dinner Wednesday night – delicious, and it gave me three days’ worth of lunches!

Thursday, I woke up early. Got everything done and ready way before I had to leave for work, so I was able to relax with Imber and play on my computer for a while. Stayed fully alert during class/work, had a delicious lunch ;), and it was nice and sunny. (Except for Tuesday, the weather’s been great this week.) Came home, chatted to Mom, got some writing done, spent time with Imber, and downloaded several more free Baen eBooks to my computer. (For those who are interested, check out: Baen eBooks – they’ve got the eBooks from Baen at a cheaper price than the stores sell them.) And I’ve managed to get back a bunch of my favourites through here – especially through the “Free Baen Library”, which offers them free! Yay! 😉

Today wasn’t bad. Gloomy day, and it began to rain that soft Newfoundland rain sometime this afternoon, so I got a bit damp walking home (though I didn’t mind, it wasn’t even as heavy as drizzle), and it was a bit hard to stay awake in class right before lunch, but I managed okay.

Tonight Mom & Dad are going out for dinner (they’re going to try to make that a weekly thing again, and not because Daphne and I are living here at the moment – though really, Daphne’s looking after relatives’ houses and the youngest cousins of our generation for the next few weeks), so I get the house to myself and the Zoo tonight for a while. Going to try to drag Imber up to the den and get some more writing done (see below re writing).

Tomorrow, I’m going to get Scotiabank to change my branch, Mom & I might go to a thrift shop to look for bookshelves (I seriously need some) and maybe a small desk, and I might go check out the Margaret Mews Library (which is up around the Torbay Road Plaza – not the Torbay Road Mall, which is where I work) close to the Scotiabank. Then tomorrow night, Daphne, a friend or two of hers and I are all going to see Mikaela’s (my cousin’s) play “Dying Hard”. (Some links: Here’s her interview on CBC WAM; Here’s a The Telegram article; Another newspaper article; And one from the Calgary Herald. The last has a picture of Mikaela made up; the previous two have normal pictures of her.) Looking forward to that (even though the subject of the play is an unhappy one).

In terms of writing, I’ve begun to do a bit more work on Search and Rescue (my 2008 NaNoWriMo novel). It’s been sitting in editing hell for a couple of years now, waiting for me to finish the rewrite. I’ve got 2nd draft copies of Chps. 1-4, and Chp. 5 has been sitting, waiting, for the last 2-1/2 years. And I’ve finally done some more on it! Yay! My muse seems to have decided that I need to put pen to paper for a bit, rather than writing on my computer or working on my NEO, so that’s what I’m doing.

[Edit: Sun. Sept. 25/11: Mom doesn’t have rheumatism, but rheumatoid arthritis – which is different from both that and arthritis. It’s actually (despite the name) an auto-immune disease.]

Anyway, that’s the news for this week! Hope you enjoyed!

Oh, and a happy birthday to merula31, whose birthday was yesterday!

‘Later, all!
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