NaNoWriMo 2010: Overnight Writing Session

Okay, the Toronto NaNoWriMo Overnight Writing Session has just finished less than an hour ago (it went from 10pm yesterday to 8am this morning), and I’m sitting in the Second Cup across Yonge from the location where it was.

I had a great time there. I’ve been making more friends/acquaintances from among the Toronto NaNo community over the past two Friday nights, and one of them chose to sit at the same table I was at, so I had companionship from more than just the people a table or two away from where I was. (Not to mention Errol… so we just won’t mention him. ;))

As always, the upper room was the Loud Room (aka All Right, Where Did They Get The Elephants From?!), and the lower room was the Quiet Room (though there was definitely some talking there). I always tend to stay in the Quiet Room, because I come to the OWS to actually write, not just socialize (though I managed to do a bit of that as well). So I was in the Quiet Room all night.

And I managed to write a total of almost 11,000 words throughout the night (I finished the last 300 words of those 11K here at the Second Cup)! I’ve written a bit more since then; so far my word count going from midnight is 8,873 words (I wrote 2,998 words between 10pm and midnight). And my total word count at the moment is a whopping 66,018.

Yes, you read that right, people; I’ve currently got over 66,000 words written on my novel, all since November 4th (which is when I finally got started writing this thing, as opposed to my original story idea).

My current goal for today is to reach 70,000 words, which would put me exactly on goal for reaching 100K words for November 30th. (I want to get more – I think the story is demanding more, though I’m coming up on the climax of the first part – but we’ll see what happens.) Meaning I’ve got to get 4,000 more words today. I’ll be back to working on it when I finish this post, and I’ll update again tonight with the results.

Oh, and my Word War team, the Book Wyrms, is currently in the lead by about 100,000 words. Even over the Overachievers Team (though that will change once more of us hit 100,000, because at that point, our totals will be added to their team as well as count for our own… but the Overachievers Team is doing something different from the rest – see my two previous posts). This is a wonderful thing. Especially wonderful because it’s fun.

Other than that… there were a few laughs and giggles down with us, and there was an issue with one of the kettles (it only worked if you actually held the kettle down, and then that stopped working), but things went wonderfully in my opinion – and I have 11 little stars (well, shaped stickers) for each of the 1,000 words I managed to write during the Session.

I’m happy. It’s been a good OWS. I’m also tired, but that has to wait until I get home. *shrugs* Another 1-1/2 hours here, then up to Y&E to have brunch with the aunts. Then I can crash. After I get another 1,000 or so more words written here, and more on the way up to brunch, and on the way home. *grins*

‘Later, all!

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NaNo-Noveling, Report #4

Surprised to see an update so soon after the last one?

Well, I’ve succeeded. I’ve finished The Fox’s Journey: A Fox’s Fight; which comes to 57,378 words.

Now it’s time to start working on the sequel, The Fox’s Journey: The Trickster’s Trade. Things are about to start getting interesting, as Raven remarked….

NaNo-Noveling, Report #3

And here we are, at the end of Week #2 of NaNoWriMo 2009.

And I’ve won.

🙂 😀 🙂

At the time of writing this, I have 50,495 words. With another half hour to go to type more.

And I’ve also discovered that The Fox’s Journey is, in fact, the title of a series. (Hopefully only a duology….) The current working title for this first book is: “A Vexing Vixen”. And it’s almost finished (I’d say I have about seven to ten more scenes to go, and some of those are small, less than a thousand words long scenes. Action scenes). I estimate I will be done either tomorrow (Sunday, the mid-point – yay, I got the goal before the mid-point!) or Monday.

At which point I start the second book of The Fox’s Journey: “The Trickster’s Trade”. (Yes, tag0 is in to alliteration at the moment.)

So my goal is now 100K words by the 30th. I did it before; I’m sure I can do it again.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that “A Vexing Vixen” is, literally, a skeleton of the story. I’ve got pretty much all the scenes I want, and I’ve got the important stuff (dialogue and some of the actions) in those scenes – but the extras, that help people visualize and inhabit the story – like the description – is missing. It’s interesting, and not something I’ve ever done before. And ironically, it’s sort of what you’re meant to do in NaNo, for the first draft. Get the skeleton of the story, and flesh it out for the second draft.

As I mentioned to Vathara, it’s definitely going to be interesting doing more fleshing out and less actual revising….

Anyway, if I want to get anymore written by midnight, which I do, I’d better get to it.

Hope those of you with whom I’m sharing the NaNo experience are all doing well!

Later, all!
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NaNo Novel Done!

Aside from the re-writes of Chps. 1-3 to mesh in with the change in plot (referred to in my last post), the rough draft of my NaNoWriMo 2008 novel is done! With the last word of Chp. 14 written, it clocks in at 103,009 words (which may change if I get the 1-3 rewrites finished before midnight tomorrow – but for now, that’s how long it is).

I feel very, very proud of myself right now. And I think I have very, very good reason to. Especially considering that at the beginning of the month, I wasn’t even sure I could make 50,000 words, much less actually finish a novel-length work in 30 days. But I did it.

And it’s a story that I like.

Yes, it needs some reasonably major editing, of course – but this rough block of marble has a definitely pleasing shape to it.

Three cheers for NaNoWriMo, Chris Baty, and the Toronto NaNo Community for all the support! And thanks as well to my family, best friends and LJ friends for the same support and encouragement – it did help, guys.

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Yet More NaNo Milestones!

Well, I’ve passed a few milestones in the last few days. I really should have posted on Wednesday, when I made and passed 80,000 words, but I’m afraid I wasn’t feeling terribly well at the time.

However, I am now feeling much better, and have two more milestones to present!

First of all, my wordcount surpassed 90,000 words this afternoon. In fact, as of the moment, it is at 95,889 words.

Secondly, I have reached the end of Chapter 13 (my penultimate – second-last – chapter), and the beginning of the long-awaited climax! (The details of which I found out from my characters yesterday afternoon/evening. Don’t you just love characters that that keep you on your toes like that?)

So I have only one more chapter to write before Search & Rescue is finished (at least, if one doesn’t count the change-in-plot necessitated re-write of Chps. 1-3… which I have to admit, I sort of do), and it looks likely that I will finish it by tomorrow evening/night, with a total word count of over 100,000 words.

In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m ecstatic.

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[Edit: And as of 2350 hrs., I now have the rather amusing word count total of 95,999 words.]

NaNo Official Winner!

Well, I am now an official winner of NaNoWriMo 2008.

*cheers self*

Off to sleep, then work on the rest of the novel (and at last I’m starting to approach the climax! Yay!).

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NaNo Winner!

Hey, everyone, guess what? I’ve hit 50K! (50,019 words, as of the time of this post, actually. And there’ll be more before the end of the night.)

*Does Happy Victory Dance*

Now it’s just a matter of getting Brendan and Ryuu out of their current mess (which I didn’t even want to happen when they presented it to me this morning), through the next one, and to the climax before the end of the month. Considering what I’ve done so far, that shouldn’t be much of a problem. *G*

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NaNo: Halfway Mark

I have officially passed the halfway word count mark (and got cheered by all the fellow Toronto NaNoers who were participating in the subway writing session this afternoon – that was fun!). I’m now at 26.5K words. Over 53 percent done. In 30 percent of the time allotted. I’d say I’m doing really well for a newbie.

Of course, Brightspot has practically taken over all of Chp. 4 written so far (thus the not-usual NaNo User Pic); if this keeps up, she’s going to become as major a character as my protagonists. This wouldn’t be terribly bad… if it weren’t for the fact that I wasn’t expecting her to come in until the (possible) sequel….

Anyway, I’m having a great time with this, both the writing itself and the social aspect. (And the competition doesn’t hurt – I’m on the Word War team and we are beating Vancouver….)

Later, all!

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