Wonderful Weekend!

Well, I had an absolutely wonderful weekend! Not just Friday, but the rest of it as well….

Saturday, I spent most of the day with my parents; we went and got my countertop dishwasher (gods, I’m so glad I’ve got that now!), and then that evening I went and got my present from my brother – an Obus-Forme body pillow! I slept quite well Saturday night….

Sunday, we had our family brunch, and then I went off to hethos‘s for the get-together with my friends; we had a great time. hethos told us about her trip to Japan, and we chatted about a bunch of different stuff, and I got even more pressies! Including (ready?) the Stargate SG-1: Season 4 DVD Box Set!

So all in all, I had a really great weekend; it seemed almost as though my birthday lasted the entire three days!

Well, given that I’m heading off to dinner with the rest of Blackfly Presses tonight, I’ve got to head to bed (and my nice, comfy body pillow).

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Rambles of Week…

Boy, it’s been a long week…

We’re exceedingly short-handed at work at the moment (4 people covering 6 shifts’-worth), because two of my colleagues quit (one to go back to university, the other to move back to Hamilton to be with his grandkids). So I worked last Saturday (12-hr shift); the only reason I’m not working this Saturday as well is that I have a prior commitment. I’m probably working next Saturday, though… (yes, I volunteered – yes, I’m a masochist… but hey, the pay is good!). Then this morning at 12:40 (0040 hrs.), I got a call from my supervisor saying that his wife was in labour, so he wouldn’t be in today (and apparently the baby wasn’t due until May!). So ended up working an extra hour this morning; luckily, the students were elsewhere for the morning so all I had to deal with were phone calls, working out the new PA system, letting students in who forgot they were supposed to wear their formal uniform today and didn’t have their swipe cards, an irritated piano tuner…


A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Work

General (Health) Update…

Well, just found out the cause of the dizzy spells (and possibly the ridiculous absentmindedness and apathetic attitude I’ve been demonstrating) from the past month and a half.

Low iron.


Oh well. At least now I can do something about it. And hopefully get myself back into the swing of things, and get working on my writing, and all the rest of that stuff that I’m really meant to be doing because I have obligations to fulfill… (voluntary obligations, but definitely things I should be doing – like communicating with my friends!).

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Update: Life, the Universe, and Everything

Well, it’s been a while since my last post here; been rather busy with various things, including visiting my sister and new niece in Halifax (went from Nov. 30 to Dec. 4). I’ll be putting up some pictures in a new gallery – probably this weekend, I expect.

Work is going well, though I must admit I can’t wait until next Thursday (last day of school until the second week of January – Yay!). Having a bit of a problem with strange dizzy spells, but they aren’t really interfering with work and I’m going to see the doctor about them next week.

In terms of writing… well, I haven’t done much. It seems the November blahs waited until after I came back from visiting Sonja and Zoë to pop up, and I’ve been pretty apathetic about it since. (It doesn’t help that I’ve been devouring a new fandom’s worth of fics, either…) However, I do plan to get back in the groove either today or tonight at work. And good news for those waiting for new parts to Edge of the Blade/RuroBatt and RuroSen: A Strange Partnership; I plan to post Chp. 2 of the latter by this weekend, and Chp. 3.3 of the former at some point next week.

Plus, I’ve got another new RK fic on the go – this one based (with permission – in fact, she’s beta-reading it for me, as usual) on an idea of Vathara’s. Major AU; it’s an science fiction scenario that has some… interesting elements to it. Including the fact that Saitô and Kenshin were on the same side in the war they fought… So far, I have the prologue, Chp. 1, and the beginnings of Chp. 2 written. Do people want me to start posting it now, or would you prefer to wait until I’ve got more done?

Other than that, I’ve seen Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and must say that it’s definitely a better quality movie than Prisoner of Azkaban was; while they did cut out scenes from the book, of course (the movie being over 2-1/2 hrs. long as it is), they managed to hit all the important parts. (Unlike PoA, which didn’t even establish the identities of the Marauders or what Sirius did to Snape with respect to Remus! Those are some of the most important parts of the book! Sorry, that just ticks me off, that they left that out…)

And on Thursday, going to see Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe with my adopted aunt. Looking forward to it; that was one of my favourites as a child.

Later, all!
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*sigh* Work… & Misc.

Well, one of my colleagues is currently sick with the flu (hopefully only the 24 hr. variety), so I have to stay until about noon. One of those 12-1/2 hr. work days, and unfortunately I didn’t get more than about 5 hrs. of sleep yesterday… *sigh*

Going to sleep long and hard as soon as I get home…

In other news, I’m finding that air conditioners and fans are so not good for my jaw/TMJ… Having the air blowing directly on my jaw joint makes things hellishly painful. Which means that I’m quite likely going to have to rearrange my living room, because I can’t move my A/C… (However, I’m very glad to actually have A/C. I’d much rather have to rearrange my living room than be without air conditioning during a Toronto summer, particularly this one.)

Okay, rant over now…

General (Well, Writing Mostly) Update…

Ah… cool weather. At last.

Yes, Toronto is finally having a bit of a break from the heat wave that is our (unfortunately) usual summer weather… Started yesterday, and is currently due to last until Saturday or Sunday. (Here’s hoping it lasts longer!)

Remember two weeks ago when I wrote down my list of goals for that weekend, among which was included: “Finish Chp. 4 of RuroSen“? Well, I didn’t get it finished that weekend (due mainly to the fact that I woke up after 1 p.m. that Saturday)… However, last weekend, despite the pleasant distraction of my Mom being in town, I managed to get it done. (There’s a reason I don’t mind taking buses and subways… the TTC [Toronto Transit Commission, for those non-Torontonians] is an excellent way to get writing done on the way to and from places.)

I’ve spent the past week doing revising and working on that nagging open question I mentioned in my post of June 24th, 7am. And I have finally got a solution to it, thanks it part to Vathara’s tireless efforts at figuring things out for me… (and also to my habit of thinking of story plot-lines while patrolling at work). So, with any luck, I’ll re-start posting RuroSen soon, and may even be able to go back to getting more work done on RuroBatt.

Oh, and went to see “Bewitched” last night with some of the TorFen/Blackfly Presses group (really got to get the Blackfly website updated!). To quote one of my friends, who came up with what I think is the perfect description for it: “It’s fluffy summer fun.” It’s an all-around amusing movie that isn’t terribly serious and that pays a rather interesting tribute to the original TV series.

Later, all!
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(Wow – bet you didn’t expect me to post again so quickly! Well, neither did I, admittedly…)

Goal-setting. A very important topic. One needs to have goals to work toward.

Example: I want to be a successful SF/Fantasy novelist.

However, one also needs to make sure that the big, important goals are divided into smaller goals that will be easier to reach, so as to achieve the big one step-by-step.

Example: I want to become a published SF/Fantasy novelist. (Then I can move towards the success part…)

And then divide those goals even further, into even more manageable goals.

Example: I want to get an original SF/Fantasy story completed.

So, what are my goals for this weekend?

1. Finish Chapter 4 of RuroSen.
2. Watch my DVD of “Sum of All Fears” (so that I can lend it to Auntie Glo on Sunday) if I get the chance.
3. Work on the original SF/F story idea (assuming Saitô and Kenshin let me, that is…).
4. Get my hair cut.

Well, so far #4 is a success…

Hello Again, Everyone…

Well, it’s been a while since my last update…

Life is getting back to normal (well, as normal as my life ever gets, that is… *smirk*): Work, write, sleep, go to the occasional movie…

Yep! Been to see a couple of movies over the past week! Last Friday it was “Revenge of the Sith” with Auntie Glo (definitely the best of this SW trilogy), and on Tuesday it was “Batman Begins” with the TorontoFen (AKA the “TorFen”), which was actually quite well done. Certainly better than how a few of us were afraid it would be – and talk about all-star support! Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Rutger Hauer… And the actor playing “Dr. Crane” (can’t remember his name – would have to check) had “creepy” down pat, and whoever did his makeup did an excellent job.

On the writing front… getting more of RuroSen done – I’m onto Chp. 4! Unfortunately, there’s an open question about the characters at the moment that, once I receive an answer, may mean some extensive changes to the beginning, so I won’t be posting any of it until I get that bloody nagging question answered. (Which will hopefully be soon – I’m getting tired of wondering, and Saitô and Kenshin aren’t talking about it…) Plus, for those of you who enjoy Vathara’s writing and aren’t yet aware of it, she has a new story up (5 out of 6 parts at the moment) – “Blades of Blood”, a RuroKen AU set in the world of “Nightlife” (which is, I believe, a horror RPG game). Fascinating story (and I’m not saying that only because I helped beta it… *g*).

Work… work’s going well enough. I’m going to be doing overtime next week (working until noon Tuesday through Friday – at least, that’s the schedule at the moment – which gives me an additional 4-1/2 hrs. per day, plus the extra statutory holiday pay for Friday, which is Canada Day), so no idea how much writing I’ll get done during that (though it may end up being quite a bit, considering that I’ll be here for a total of 12.5 hrs for 4 days). May even get some more cross-stitching done as well (yes, I’m getting back into my old cross-stitching habit – gives me something to keep my hands busy while I’m thinking of things, usually story plots).

Anyway, should be posting again soon… sooner than two weeks from now, certainly.

Later, all!

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General & Fic Update…

Well, it’s a very pleasant day here – 17 Celsius, nicely warm (approximately 63 Fahrenheit, I believe). Went out to run an errand in short sleeves – very nice!

In terms of fic updates… *sigh* I should have learned with RuroBatt not to put up one chapter before I finished the next. News: The first chapter of RuroSen #1: A Strange Partnership has undergone a number of changes, some small, some (like the OCs’ names) not-so-small. I will be re-posting the edited version when I finish Chp. 2. (In which our favourite rurouni is currently being evil to a certain Wolf of Mibu… *g*)

Chapter 2, Pt. 2 of RuroBatt will be posted either tomorrow or Monday, depending on whether I get any more written tonight after they finish with RuroSen


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RuroBatt & Life Update…

…Mainly RuroBatt, since that’s been what my life has been for most of the past week (aside from work, but that’s not as important… *g*).

The good news – I’ve finished Pt. 3 of Chapter 2. Soon as I finish this entry, I’m going to be going over all of what I have written of Chp. 2 so far for editing, then going on (most likely after my first patrol) to work on getting Pt. 4 (Departure) written. Things are looking good for beginning to post it at the end of this week, as promised…

In life… *sigh*

My birthday’s in a week. I still have no real idea what I want. Requesting dark curtains for my bedroom (seeing as how I have to sleep during the day, and the light makes it hard); gift cards from Chapters/Indigo (Canadian equivalent to Borders Books, for those south of the 49th parallel); made a specific request from my sister since she was living in Halifax and thus had access to a store that stocked said specific items; sent a location semi-specific request to my parents (seeing as how my sister is down there, and can bring back stuff when she stops over for a few days on Monday – she’s going to be here for my B-Day! For the first time since her first year of Uni!)… Other than that… I really don’t know. *sigh* I’ve always found wish lists hard, and they just seem to get harder and harder each year…

Anyway, that’s my rant over. I’m off to work on RuroBatt and keeping an eye on the cameras…


More Random Ramblings…

Well, I’m working tomorrow – 12 hr. shift. Volunteered for it, since our weekend person is taking the day off (the week before she leaves, actually), and am hoping to get at least a bit of creative work done among the patrols and keeping an eye on the people there for the Fulford debate…

Plus, my knee is buggered all to hell right now. I occasionally have this problem where my kneecap(s) decide(s) it/they don’t like the position they’re supposed to be in, so it/they shift slightly. Not fun for walking places… and even less fun for handling stairs (of which I have to walk up 2-1/2 flights to get to my apartment). Luckily, it’s not too bad at the moment, and having a cane handy is pretty much enough to deal with it.

Had breakfast with my “adopted” aunt this morning – met her after work. Had a nice, long chat (we spent about 2 hrs. there, all told) and she told me all about the 2 weeks in Costa Rica visiting my parents that she just came back from on Monday. She had a great time, and it sounds like it was as relaxing for her as it was for me (which was definitely nice). And apparently the cat toys I picked up in an effort to replace the knitted mouse that Gypsy (the new puppy) took a liking to were a real success – she said all four of the cats loved them. (And given that only two of them played with the knitted mouse, that’s not bad!)

Okay, that’s about it for the random ramblings… got to have something to eat, take my tablets, relax for a bit, and head back to bed so I can head into work for 11 tomorrow morning…


Random Ramblings

Well, it’s been a fairly quiet month, all told… Haven’t been doing all that much, frankly. Sleeping more than I probably should be…

The past two weeks at work have been fairly quiet, but with the brats coming back tomorrow morning, it’s back to the usual now (*sigh*).

Going to try my best to get some writing done – this month has been awful for me creativity-wise…

Later, all!

HVD From Costa Rica!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope everyone’s having a lovely day, and getting nice pressies from significant others…

Still enjoying my time down here in Costa Rica… Interesting news to post as soon as I get back, and hopefully some lovely photos as well… (Featuring The Goold Zoo v2.4.)

More on RuroKen, Shinsengumi, Plot Bunnies, and Life…

Well, I just received Vol. 8 of the RuroKen manga today… So far, I’d have to say that this volume is where the manga and the anime are the closest, not only in events, but in a great deal of the dialogue as well. The manga volume ends about halfway through the last episode on the anime DVD volume, however… (Which means that yours truly has to wait until Vol. 9 is released to read more Kenshin & Saitou interaction… *pout*)

On to the next topic…

If anyone reading this knows French at least semi-fluently and is interested in the Shinsengumi, you’re in luck! Remember some entries down I provided the link to the English Wikipedia entry on the Shinsengumi? Well, I was re-reading it a few days ago, and noticed that it was also available in French (as well as Japanese, of course, and what I believe is Russian). So I decided to check out the French Wikipedia entry on the Shinsengumi – and was very glad that I did. Although this entry starts out appearing basically the same as the English one, it turns out to have a great many more details on the history of the Shinsengumi, from what led up to their formation to the final battle of the Shinsengumi, when Hijikata Toshizou was killed; as well as information on the political infighting that plagued the group throughout their existence. Highly recommended if you understand French and want more of the above details.

As for Plot Bunnies… Well, for the RK story, Saitou has finally stopped being difficult, and Chp. 1 is about 1/3 finished (it’s currently about 1 pg shorter than the prologue). The two Plot Bunnies in question (red fur amber-eyed with sakabatou and black fur yellow-eyed with a distinctly wolfish look and a katana) still have the blockade set up so no other Bunnies can get through to me, however…

And as for life in general… tomorrow is the last Saturday I have to work! And the main reason I’m working it this week is to help finish training our new weekend person… So next week, I’m back to just my regular shifts, with my full weekend available! (At which point I may actually manage to get around to watching PeaceMaker Kurogane, graciously lent last month by hethosus…)

Happy New Year’s!

Well, I’m off to bed – but before I go, I wanted to:

Wish everyone a very happy New Year’s, and all the very best for 2005!

Have a wonderful night, all!

(Oh, and re the RK story – yes, I actually managed to get the prologue finished. *g* It’s with Vathara now.)

Yep – It’s A White Christmas…


Bad enough we had ice on top of snow, but to have more snow on top of it? At least the snowfall seems to be easing after about two hours… well, what I can see of it through the security cameras and out the window behind my desk…

Only just over an hour and a half left of my 12 hr. shift – I’m looking forward to going home and spending the rest of the night with the cats.

Had a wonderful Christmas Eve with my aunt at her place, and I got some very nice pressies from everyone. Going to be calling the Newfoundland relatives up tomorrow to offer thanks to my grandmother, and express my wishes that everyone had a good Christmas…

And even being here at work for most of Christmas hasn’t been too bad. It’s always been my habit to spend Christmas afternoon relaxing with any books I manage to get, or writing… and while I haven’t exactly been doing that (while I brought one of the two books I was given to work, I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet – I’ve been pre-occupied with other stuff) it’s still been a fairly relaxing day.

With the exception of the exterior patrols. It’s not fun trying to watch your feet to make sure you don’t slip on the ice that’s on the ground while at the same time trying to check the second and third story windows from outside to make sure they’re all closed… But I managed it, and without any spills! *cheers*

Then got involved in a fascinating email discussion with Vathara (RK, GW, or Stargate fans might know her fics on Fanfiction.Net), going from last night to today, and now I’ve got one of those blasted RK plot bunnies in my corral! (Which is obviously going to have to be expanded – it’s starting to get a wee bit too crowded in there… Wonder if my parents’ place in Costa Rica has the metaphysical space available to provide an expansion?)

Anyway, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and here’s looking forward to a Happy New Year! (Quite in advance, yes, but good wishes never hurt…)


Merry Christmas…

Just wanted to make sure I get the Christmas greetings out to everyone in time! So:

Merry Christmas and Blessings of the Season to you all!

I’m off to spend the rest of the day with my aunt for our traditional Christmas Eve visit, so have a great time, everyone!


Whiter Christmas…

Well, it turns out that we’re to expect up to another 5 cms. (2 inches) of snow – and 1.5-2 cms. of freezing rain. Let’s just hope the freezing rain holds off until I’m home from work – and doesn’t freeze into ice over the snow… (That would make tonight a real nightmare!)

Looking forward to tomorrow. Because I’m working Saturday (Christmas) from 11am to 11pm, my aunt and I are going back to a tradition of my younger years and I’m spending Christmas Eve from mid-afternoon onwards over at her place. It’s a tradition I’m quite fond of, and one of the things that I do miss spending Christmas in places other than Toronto.

Ah, good ol’ T.O. – I think this must be the first really white Christmas in a few years at a minimum (though I may be wrong, since I haven’t been here for XMas the past two years…).

Starting to get tired here… Still got another 4 hrs. or so to go. *sigh* Here’s hoping I can stay awake.

*Looking speculatively at the draft of Eye of the Storm, and wondering if it’s worth it to try and get some work done on it…*

Ramblings From At Home & Tired… (AKA Mishmash of Stuff)

Came across a rather neat website a few days ago – excellent resource for writers who are doing stories involving travel/international plotlines:
World Clock: Time Zones
Check it out!


In terms of what I referenced in my previous post…

On Monday night (after I slept all day, of course – having been up for over 24 hrs. by the time I got home from work in the morning), I found out that my great-uncle Fabian had passed away on Sunday.

I didn’t know Uncle Fabian terribly well – at least not as an adult; I’ve only been out to Newfoundland once in the past ten years – but I do remember him as a wonderful man, who used to take us out in his motorboat up at his cabin, and let us pilot it around the lake… and lent my immediate family the aforementioned cabin at least once or twice when we spent Christmas out east. We generally saw him at least once or twice on visits out there when I was younger, and he was always kind to us. I shall definitely miss him.

One thing I never failed to mention when I told anyone about Uncle Fabian – having been quite proud that he was a member of my family – was that he served a term as lieutenant-governor of Newfoundland (from 1963-1969). It always impressed me greatly that kind, quiet Uncle Fabian spent time as a reasonably important member of the Newfoundland provincial government.


At last, no kids at work for two weeks! Peace and quiet! I may even manage to get some writing done! (*peers guiltily at the current texts of Eye of the Storm and Harry Potter and the Sensitive’s Gift…*)

Dinner & Holiday Shopping: Pt. 2

Had a wonderful Cousin’s Belated Birthday Dinner at Scruffy Murphy’s – we got there early enough that there was no crowd in the dining area, and we had excellent food, a reasonable background noise level, and some interesting conversation. Definitely worth going out, even in this weather.

Holiday shopping… I’m stunned at myself. I now have only two or three more people to buy for (c’mon, Papa, what do you want?), and I’ll have everything for everybody!

Even sent out the second batch of Christmas cards… (Newfoundland group, you’ll be getting yours when Alain gets back). I’m simply amazing myself with my efficiency this year.

Going to bed soon – this weekend is going to be busy

Holiday Shopping: Pt. 1

Well, I’ve just got back from work and holiday shopping…

Managed to get about half my list taken care of today, astonishingly enough, and I know most of the rest of what I’m going to be getting. This is… astonishing, frankly. I tend to be very much a last-minute shopper – if not a late shopper. And I’m even going to manage to – *gasp* – send out Christmas cards!

And now, well… I’m exhausted, and my feet hurt, but I feel quite pleased with myself.

One more regular shift tonight, then tomorrow evening dinner with my cousin and more shopping, then my 12-hr. shift on Saturday (which will include a department get-together/Kris Kringle – I’m looking forward to that), then brunch Sunday morning, getting together with friends Sunday afternoon, and then my next week starts Sunday night… but altogether, I’m feeling good.

Later, all!

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Busy Week

Well, looks like I’m due to have a very busy week.

There’s work, of course: My usual overnight shifts going from Sunday night to Friday morning, plus the 12-hr Saturday shifts I’m doing this month until the beginning of January (i.e. working 6 days a week).

Then there’s friends (which is a good thing, considering I haven’t been seeing most of them for a while): Just had dinner with the TorFen (Toronto Fen) group, which includes my fellow members of Blackfly Presses (Canadian fanfic zine publishing! *G*). Then on Sunday afternoon, I’m getting together with my monthly get-together group of SF fans (none of whom I’ve seen since Toronto Trek last July). So that’ll be busy.

And one can’t forget family, especially considering the season: I’m taking my cousin out for a belated birthday dinner on Friday night, and then I have the regular brunch with my aunts, sister, and cousin Sunday morning…

And that doesn’t even mention the writing I’m trying to get done.

Yes, it’s going to be a busy, busy week. But I’m rather looking forward to it…