Rant (Because I Need To)

*sigh* I know I haven’t posted since the end of NaNo (which means you didn’t hear about the birth of my first nephew, Dec. 19th!), but right now, I need to rant, and I can’t chat to anyone about it. So if you want to read my rantings about today at work and the cleaners and people who can’t listen to directions, click on the link. Otherwise, hope you’re having a good winter!

Work, the Cleaners and Everything

Politics, Schmolitics…

…aka “Someone Tell Those Idiots to Leave the Mud-Slinging and Name-Calling in the Schoolyard Where it Belongs!” aka “Okay, Time To Vote Green Party, Everyone”…

Yes, I’m coming back from about a month and a half of dizzy spells and absentmindedness with a rant about politics, a subject I usually stay as far away from as I possibly can… but I’m rather fed up.

For those who aren’t Canadian, this is probably something you can ignore. Hell, you can ignore it if you are Canadian. I’m just wanting to express my annoyance in a semi-public forum, I guess, what with the federal election being in less than two weeks.

So, why are we having an election? From what I can tell, it’s because the Liberals have been naughty little boys and girls who have been sticking their fingers in the piggy-bank when they shouldn’t have been. Okay, not happy about that. They definitely screwed up there. However, listening to some of the radio election ads for the Conservatives, I have to laugh; the implication from those ads being that while the Liberals are corrupt, the Conservatives are near saints.

Now, I can’t say that any particular politician is corrupt or not – see above regarding my usual views on politics. It is, however, an accepted fact of life in both Canada and the U.S. (and probably a number of other countries) that politics = corruption. No matter who is in power, there’s going to be people exploiting it. A rather cynical view of human nature, I admit, but one I doubt that people can refute. The Liberals simply ended up getting caught at it.

So why am I going into this?

Simple. We’ve been inundated over the past several months about Liberal corruption, to the point where I imagine people are sick of hearing about it. Yes, they screwed up. Yes, those are valid reasons to doubt their fitness for holding government office. But at the same time, the ones who have been involved in said corruption (at least as far as I’m aware) have been/are being dealt with. Would you tar and feather a whole group for the mistakes of a few? (Please ignore my inconsistency between this and my comment about politics=corruption… *rueful look*)

The question that needs to be asked is: who will do the best job of government?

My personal views tend to fall into line with the Liberal ideals – I was delighted at the fact that the government decided to legalize/recognize same-sex marriage, etc. And I do not want the Conservatives screwing up advances like that (as far as I recall, Mr. Harper – the Conservative leader – has threatened to “re-visit” that particular piece of legislation should they get in). Nor do I want the Bloc Quebecois in charge (gods, that would be a nightmare!).

So, the question becomes, what do I, personally, do? The ads that have been going on (every one that I’ve heard of, I don’t care which party it’s from) are seriously making me think that we need to toss the entire government out and start anew.

*shrug* Oh well… will have to wait and see, I guess.

*rant over*

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Talk About Stress…

When I woke up this evening, I thought it was going to be a great day. Got plenty of sleep (for the first time in three days), was well rested, fairly relaxed, and in a good mood.

Then I left for work.

Got three steps outside my door, and discovered that my right knee (which I had thought was getting better, since it didn’t need any support at work yesterday) was beyond screwed up – every time I put weight on it it feels as though there’s a needle going into it. Painful! So I had to go back and get my cane.

Then, I got to Lawrence West station at about 11:03pm (I generally arrive between 10:59 and 11:04, depending on whether I miss the 10:56 subway at Eglinton West or not), and headed up to wait for the 11:08 #52 bus (which generally arrives between 11:09 and 11:12). It generally takes about 5-7 minutes to get from Lawrence West station to Avenue Rd. at that time of night, so I wasn’t worried until it reached 11:15 and there was no sign of the bus. At 11:20, I called work and let the guy I was supposed to relieve at 11:30 know that I was going to be late.

Finally, the 11:28 bus arrives at – you guessed it! – 11:30. I stagger on board, sit down, and then spend the next 8 minutes getting more and more stressed as the bus goes along.

Arrived at work at 11:40. *sigh*

So I’m here, which is fine, and the guy I’m relieving understands that the whole bus mess was unavoidable…

Now there’s just the problem of my knee, and whether I’ll be able to do any patrols today. *sigh*x2

</end rant>…

Feels good to get that off my chest. Thanks for letting me rant to you…

Lovely End of Shift… *sarcastic tone*

FYI, for anyone with headaches – fire alarms are not good for them. Especially not when you spend ten minutes in an area where said fire alarms are going off.

Not that there was a fire (thank all the gods)… No, it was yet another burst pipe (the first one happened on Dec. 21st, as the city was recovering from the deep freeze I referenced in my entry of Dec. 20th). To make things worse, this was a pipe in the same location as the other one!

I got a call from the alarm monitoring company at 5:40 (am – my shift goes from 11:30pm to 7:30am) to say that the alarms were going off in the other building, so went out into the freezing cold and hightailed it over there to find that water was pouring out of the pipe and all over the small foyer area, plus into the two classrooms and office adjoining it, not to mention out into the attached playground… The fire trucks arrived a minute after I did, but couldn’t do anything (wasn’t a fire, after all), so left. Luckily, I had my experience from December’s incident to draw on, and knew where to go to turn the water off – so did so. The alarms finally stopped at 5:56, at which point I headed back to the main building and worked on contacting everyone I needed to. Then spent the next hour trying to write up my report as well as deal with the students, staff, and deliveries starting to arrive… *sigh*

And my shift started out so well… I was even getting writing done!

Oh well – to help me feel better, I will be posting Pt. 2 of Chapter 1 of Rurouni Battôsai in a few minutes (as soon as I get it formatted), and then will sit back and hope for comments. It’s rather longer than Pt. 1…

RuroBatt, TMJ/Weather. & OK, What Planet Are Our IT Guys From?!

First things first – the update on Rurouni Battôsai:

I will be re-posting a revised version of the prologue within the next few days; I’ve made several small/subtle changes to it that are nonetheless important for what follows (after I discovered that the last scene of Chp. 1 had some… ‘problems’…). With any luck, the beginning of Chp. 1 should follow soon afterwards.

Okay, next it’s time for the first of my rants – [CENSORED] TMJ, migraines, and the weather… (Complaining here means that I tend to complain less out loud, which is all to the good, because it also reduces the self-pity factor.)

Migraine has been in existence since last Tuesday night. It seemed to be getting all right Sunday – but then when I woke up Sunday night to go to work, it started with the negative effects on my stomach (not fun). It’s not that I feel that I’m about to throw up, it’s more a semi-mild queasiness, but that reduces my appetite and my energy enough that it makes everything feel worse. So tonight I’m going to try Egyptian Liquorice tea – it’s worked to help settle my stomach before, and I’m hoping it’ll help again. Certainly better than regular tea, which – although the caffeine seems to help with the pain from the migraine – requires milk to be palatable.

What makes tonight worse is the weather. It’s currently about -19C actual temperature-wise – with the windchill, that’s down to -31C. While it’s not as bad as out on the Prairies (*shivers and waves at chiruken*), it’s still quite nasty; and as mentioned below, my type of TMJ (there are two main types, accident & osteo-arthritis, with ‘accident’ having two sub-types) is the osteo-arthritis type. Cold is bad for arthritis. And it doesn’t help that to try to keep warm, I’ve got two layers (my hat flaps and my hood) on over the joint, because that puts pressure on it, and considering that’s what the majority of the pain directly at the joint feels like… Well, I’m sure you get the picture. *sigh* Okay, this rant is now over.

On to the stupidities of IT…

As the subject says, I would really like to know what planet our IT guys come from.

Our (Security’s) computer at work has always had the occasional problem, but last week it was slowed down so badly that it was causing serious problems with part of doing our job. So me being the at least semi-technical savvy person that I am, I went into the Task Manager (yes, *sigh*, we have to use Windoze at work) and checked the processes and the performance ratings – only to find that the CPU was working at 100% capacity, and – are you ready for it? – there were two (count ’em, TWO) copies of Windows running. So, of course, I call down to IT and leave them a message, and let my supervisor know what I found out when she comes in in the morning.

Get to work Sunday night, read through the log book, and blink at the entry concerning the computer. Re-read it. No change. Re-read a third time to be certain.

Apparently (this is what the IT guys said), the computer has a virus that occurred at installation because Windows wasn’t installed properly. As a result, we have to get a new computer.


My immediate reaction to this? Worst-case scenario: copy the documents and data to a CD, or to the server, re-format the hard drive, and re-install Windows. But no, we have to get a completely new computer.

*shakes head and sighs*

I don’t think much of our IT department – and this has sent my opinion plummeting down to the basement.

Anyway, to those who have managed to read this far – I count myself amazed. Wasn’t sure my rants were that interesting…

Hope everyone’s having a good day…

Rant Of Frustration…

Okay, usually I enjoy my job. Working security on the overnight shift is generally fairly quiet (except for the occasional false fire alarm or water leak), and I can get my patrols done, and still have a bit of time to relax. The only thing is that (for various reasons I won’t go into) I can’t really start my patrols until all the cleaners leave.

This is all very well and good, though it tends to have me starting patrols a bit later than I prefer… until one of the cleaners stays till almost halfway through my shift!

Working an 8-hr. shift and being tied to the desk for the last 1/4 or so of it means that I only have 6 hours in which to do 3 patrols. Not a problem, you say, especially since the patrols don’t take more than an hour (unless things are really insecure)? Well, ordinarily I’d agree completely.

The frustration comes when A) as mentioned above, the cleaner(s) stay until almost halfway through my shift, leaving me with 2 to 2-1/2 hours in which to do patrols if I follow the bit about ‘don’t do patrols until the cleaners are finished’; and B) the second patrol involves securing doors – most of which the third patrol involves unsecuring.

As you can probably tell, this was the case tonight. As a result, I ended up saying screw not doing them until the cleaners are finished (I would have never got them done properly in that case), and went ahead and did them. Late. Much later than I prefer. But then, I had to wait to start the second patrol to let the remaining cleaner back into the main building (he’d been working in another one).

So I’m ticked off. Really ticked off.

Here’s hoping having written this will help my mood – I’d definitely prefer to not be still so pissed off when my supervisor comes in. (Not that I don’t like her – I find her nice to work for/with – but it would hardly be fair to her to have my mood drag her down. Especially not at the beginning of her day.)