Rant Of Frustration…

Okay, usually I enjoy my job. Working security on the overnight shift is generally fairly quiet (except for the occasional false fire alarm or water leak), and I can get my patrols done, and still have a bit of time to relax. The only thing is that (for various reasons I won’t go into) I can’t really start my patrols until all the cleaners leave.

This is all very well and good, though it tends to have me starting patrols a bit later than I prefer… until one of the cleaners stays till almost halfway through my shift!

Working an 8-hr. shift and being tied to the desk for the last 1/4 or so of it means that I only have 6 hours in which to do 3 patrols. Not a problem, you say, especially since the patrols don’t take more than an hour (unless things are really insecure)? Well, ordinarily I’d agree completely.

The frustration comes when A) as mentioned above, the cleaner(s) stay until almost halfway through my shift, leaving me with 2 to 2-1/2 hours in which to do patrols if I follow the bit about ‘don’t do patrols until the cleaners are finished’; and B) the second patrol involves securing doors – most of which the third patrol involves unsecuring.

As you can probably tell, this was the case tonight. As a result, I ended up saying screw not doing them until the cleaners are finished (I would have never got them done properly in that case), and went ahead and did them. Late. Much later than I prefer. But then, I had to wait to start the second patrol to let the remaining cleaner back into the main building (he’d been working in another one).

So I’m ticked off. Really ticked off.

Here’s hoping having written this will help my mood – I’d definitely prefer to not be still so pissed off when my supervisor comes in. (Not that I don’t like her – I find her nice to work for/with – but it would hardly be fair to her to have my mood drag her down. Especially not at the beginning of her day.)

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