General Update; and AO3

Been a while, huh? Well, couple of things to update.

First of all, unfortunately, didn’t complete Camp NNWM in July, either; ended up getting sick (again) and couldn’t focus. The fact that it was hot out (see my rant about heat and thermoregulation on my Other Blog) didn’t help in the least. I did get a bit more written, but not much. Oh well, it’s still an improvement over what I had at the beginning of the month.

Have spent the last two months mostly suffering from the heat, unfortunately, but things are getting a bit better (it’s been cooling down a bit). I’m kind of hoping it will stay at the mild temperatures for the next couple of months; that would be good!

Have started getting a bit of exercise; using Mom’s treadmill for 20 minutes three times a week (I’m up to covering a mile). That should help somewhat with the depression.

And I now have my fanfics available on Archive of Our Own (as well as! So if anyone doesn’t care to use FFNet, then I now have them available for you to look at on AO3! The link (aside from being in the first sentence of this paragraph) is also on my link page.

‘Later, all!

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2 thoughts on “General Update; and AO3

  1. Hi! I commented on the MFU story on AO3, and decided to contact you here, because I have a suggestion (if you already know this, excuse me and ignore this please!!) :

    When you import stories to AO3, the default date is the date the story was posted on its original website. So the New York Tiimes Affair is dated 1999. Since the default ao3 listing is most recent story first, that date puts you on the last page. You can manually change the posting date to the current date when you import. In MFU at least, a large number of people just look at the recent postings, they don’t bother to sort via the other options.

    I’m on a campaign 🙂 I’m one of the people that takes care of
    so every now and then I trawl the archives to see what’s been added. If you meant to keep the old date, excuse me for butting in, but quite a few people aren’t aware of that particular issue.

    Ayway, I like seeing older stories archived, so many of them get lost when individual websites go down!

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